Since the early days of his campaign for president, Donald Trump has used social media to vent his frustrations. In response, Alec Baldwin decided to take a shot at Trump on his own Twitter account.

Baldwin on Trump

It all started when Donald Trump won the Republican primary and moved on to the general election against Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton. Following the first debate between both candidates, "Saturday Night Live" tapped veteran actor Alec Baldwin to play the satirical role of Trump.

After receiving rave reviews from critics following his first few performances, Trump lashed out on Twitter, ripping into "SNL" and Baldwin on more than one occasion. While Trump has been mostly silent on Baldwin over the last year, that hasn't stopped him from using Twitter on a daily basis to vent his frustrations.

With Donald Trump only increasing his use of social media, Alec Baldwin decided to mock the president for his Twitter obsession during his own tweet on March 2.

"Trump does his own tweets. And he’s posted twice as many as me. And he’s President. I God," Baldwin tweeted out. Baldwin's tweet comes just days after he posted another message about the president, urging Americans to continuing their push back against the administration, writing, "Whatever you do, don’t stop commenting, observing, critiquing this President." Baldwin's tweets come as he continues to play the role of Trump on "SNL," and is expected to do so heading into the 2020 election.

Twitter rejoices

Following Alec Baldwin's tweet about Donald Trump, critics of the president were in agreement with the "Saturday Night Live" actor and made sure to let him know. "Thank you so much for sticking with the SNL impersonation even though I know you hate doing it. It means a lot," one tweet read.

"I totally read that on your voice.

lol," a Twitter user wrote. "And Trump's grammar is 3rd grade level, at best," another tweet added. "How does he find any time to watch Fox and Friends???" an additional tweet stated. "I’m skeptical if he actually does personally press the tweet button. No offence to him, but it seems he’s far too inept to manage such a thing. In fact, when have we ever seen this dolt hold a phone?" a tweet noted.

"And also has a young child and grandchildren he doesn’t see," a social media user wrote. "Well duh!! Clearly obvious by bad grammar & spelling mistakes," a follow-up tweet read.