It's no secret that Donald Trump has had a questionable history with women, whether it's with his ex-wives or the dozens of allegations of sexual misconduct. With the president currently facing various scandals and issues in the White House, a host on MSNBC mocked him with a humorous jab at his personal life.

(Wallace's remarks come at around 2:10 in the above video)

MSNBC on Trump

Back when Donald Trump first kicked off his campaign for president, speculation quickly grew as to whether or not his controversial history would harm his chances. Despite this, Trump rode the momentum of his surprising popularity to the Republican nomination, but just one month before Election Day faced the October surprise of the now infamous "Access Hollywood" tape.

Since then, rumors and allegations of Trump's alleged sexual assault history, as well as multiple affairs have dominated the news cycle. With Trump on his third marriage, this time to current First Lady Melania Trump, the former host of "The Apprentice" has been forced to push back and defend himself.

On Wednesday it was announced that current White House attorney Ty Cobb has decided to step down, making yet another departure from the Donald Trump administration, and another lawyer who has decided leave the president's side.

The issue was discussed with MSNBC host Nicolle Wallace during the May 2 edition of "Deadline: White House." "The president goes through lawyers faster than he goes through wives,” Wallace said with humor. "Nobody wants to stay on the job, representing him legally," she added.

"No one wants to stay on the job," panel guest Jonathan Capehart pointed out.

Capehart then went on to compare the Donald Trump administration to a reality TV show, saying the president was "just going to be like a Real Housewife and like up-end the table...just for the shock of it."

Moving forward

According to a report by CNN on Wednesday, Ty Cobb quit as Donald Trump's lawyer in large part because of the president's reckless tweets, most notably his messages targeting the Robert Mueller investigation.

The CNN report goes into further detail, noting that Cobb has been clashing with Trump for over a month and that he didn't want to be part of the president's "mud slinging campaign" against Mueller. As the investigation into Russian hacking continues and the pressure mounts on Trump to make a move, only time will tell what the White House and the administration does next as part of their defense.