Cari Fletcher, known to fans as Fletcher, began singing when she was six years old which led her to compete on the first season of The X Factor (US) by the time she was 17 years old. She has gone from Simon Cowell telling her that she was boring, to lighting up Spotify. She is also a graduate of New York University. She may not have won The X Factor US, but she never gave up on her dream, and one song shot her music career into the public eye and she hasn't looked back since.

What shot her to stardom

In 2015, the song "War Paint" off of Fletcher's fourth EP titled, "Finding Fletcher", reached viral success and was even covered in Nylon magazine.

The song was listed as the most shared song on Spotify in the two weeks following its release. The song surpassed 20 million streams in the months that followed the coverage. Though this song was important in her career, it wasn't until 2016 when everyone really started paying closer attention to her and realizing that she was a force to be reckoned with.

In 2016, Fletcher released a single titled "Wasted Youth", but it was not until 2017 when the music video for this song was released, that it launched her into stardom. The music video featured Fletcher and YouTube star Shannon Beveridge as a normal couple doing random day to day things. This was beloved by the LGBTQ+ community as it depicted two women together and Shannon is a YouTuber who is also gay.

There are rumors that the two started dating before the music video was filmed, but they have never publicly confirmed nor denied the rumors. Fletcher added Shannon's fans to her own once they saw the music video. The video currently has over two million views on YouTube.

Since 'Wasted Youth'

Since the release of "Wasted Youth," Fletcher has released two more singles and an album in February of this year titled Rise.

Her two singles are "You Should Talk" and "I Believe You." Her song "I Believe You" is a response to the #metoo movement, offering her support to the victims and confirming that she has also experienced these things. Fletcher has a powerful and moving voice, which comes as no surprise since she has had vocal training in classical music.

Before her music started blowing up on music streaming websites like Spotify, she also had other EP albums that are not as popular as her newer music is. Whatever new music is coming, it will more than likely be a success and take over, not only Spotify but all other streaming channels as well.