British YouTube sensations known to their fans as simply, Rose and Rosie, are setting their world on fire. The two are known for their YouTube channels that are sometimes comical and other times touch on topics that many are dealing with. Rosie has a channel where she talks about her sexuality and what it's like to be bisexual and the struggles she has faced, as well as answering questions and giving advice to fans. Their main channel started out as only Rose's channel, but quickly became a place for both of them to create content. They also have a channel for their adventures into the gaming world.

The two are married and have gone on tour in the past to meet fans and bring their channel to life, but never before have they done quite this much.

YouTube is not the only thing these girls do

In 2016, the duo was selected as two of 15 social media influencers to promote two of Sony's movies that were coming out. They were sent on a scavenger hunt and met Tom Hanks and Ron Howard for the movie "Inferno," and they were able to have a sit down interview with Melissa McCarthy and Paul Feig for "Ghostbusters." In April of 2017, the two toured the United Kingdom and Ireland and then in September of 2017, they continued their "Rose and Rosie: Exposed" tour in North America. They recently mentioned that they were doing some projects that their fans would find out about later and the time has come for the cat to be let out of the bag.

The surprises unveiled on YouTube

In a recent video, Rose and Rosie shared that they had three major announcements for their fans, and they also gave fans a tour of their new house. Their first announcement was that the two had written a Book titled "Overshare," and it was ready for pre-order on Amazon and would officially be released in October of 2018.

The book is about their lives, and has them oversharing a lot with their fans as usual. The new book will have stories, diary pages, and more. The second announcement was related to a documentary where they went to many different places and they talked to people about their coming out stories and what it was like, good or bad.

Like the book, this documentary will also be titled "Overshare." The duo stated that they often times overshare, so they wanted to give fans a chance to do that with them as well. The last surprise is that they are going on tour again. The tour will begin in October of 2018 and will be used to promote the book and documentary. The tour is so far only set to be in the United Kingdom but those who attend will get to see a screening of the documentary while they are there.