Tyler Baltierra's sister Amber has been dealing with rumors that she's back on drugs over the last few months. She's denied the reports but some recent revelations about her new husband aren't helping "Teen Mom OG" fans to feel confident about her sobriety or the future of it anyway. The recent introduction of her new husband Billy Wade Elkins Jr. probably isn't helping her cause either. According to Radar Online, Tyler Baltierra's brother-in-law has quite a criminal past with a history of theft plus drug and weapons possession.

When Billy was introduced on the show, he was showing off his ankle monitor.

He was literally fresh out of jail, having been released just 10 days before the 'TMOG' scene was filmed.

"I’m on a leash," Billy said on camera while showing off the device. "I just need to make sure it’s charged."

Amber elaborated, “Billy has to wear it for six months until he has to go back to court.”

That alone should make "Teen Mom OG" fans wonder what's up with the guy. As it turns out, there's a whole lot! According to Radar Online, Billy Wade Elkins Jr. has an extensive history of committing crimes and his record isn't that old.

What's that ankle monitor for?

Billy's most recent arrest was in March 2017. He was reportedly arrested for "delivery/manufacture of a controlled substance." According to court records obtained by Radar Online, he had less than 50 grams of a mixture containing cocaine when he made that delivery.

More charges for Billy included two more consecutive days that he was accused of delivering a controlled substance and on March 16, 2017, he was also charged with being a felon with a firearm.

There was a plea deal and Amber's husband ended up pleading guilty to most of the charges and was sentenced to two years of probation with six months of ankle monitoring.

Prior to that, Amber's husband Billy was arrested and charged with Breaking And Entering as well as larceny. He reportedly broke into a Church's Chicken and stole the safe with everything in it. He was able to make a plea deal then as well. Bill plead guilty to the breaking and entering part and the theft charge was dropped.

Elkins didn't do any jail time then either, receiving five years of probation instead.

Is Amber really married?

On Christmas Day, Amber made waves when she posted a picture of her ring finger and announced that she just celebrated her first Christmas as a married woman. It's still not clear if that has officially happened or not. She has changed her last name to Elkins on social media and it has been confirmed that Billy applied for a marriage license. However, there's still no proof that the license was actually filed so they may be "married" but not married.

On the latest episode of "Teen Mom OG," Amber announced that she and Billy were trying to get married. That may have already happened since the scene was filmed. With the timeline of what we've seen on the show so far this season, the timing seems about right.