Actress Scarlett Estevez was born and raised in Los Angeles, California, and displayed a strong talent for the performing arts since she was a toddler. After appearing in a commercial at the tender age of three, Scarlett went on to appear in over twenty-five more, all of which aired nationally.

After her success with commercials, Scarlett found a role in a short movie called “The Magic Bracelet” which was created in partnership with the Make-A-Film Foundation. Her first feature-length film was titled “And Then There Was You” which led to another role in “Redeeming Dave.”

Scarlett also co-starred in a web-series called “Junior Eye” which was created by Nickelodeon.

She has acted in the “Daddy’s Home” franchise and appeared on “Lucifer,” a FOX television series which is currently enjoying its third season.

Scarlett recently granted an exclusive interview where she discussed her acting and more.

Acting, commercials, and characters

Meagan Meehan (MM): You broke into acting at age three, so do you remember anything about that initial commercial shoot?

Scarlett Estevez (SE): My first commercial was for Porsche. The spot was called “snowmobile,” and they needed snow for the spot, so we got to travel to Mammoth for the shoot. My mom took pictures of me next to huge snowbanks. I remember there was a lot of snow!

MM: What other commercials were you in and which were the most memorable and/or fun?

SE: My favorite commercial I did was for Wendy’s. It was my favorite because my real-life sister played my sister in the commercial. It was the only time we worked together, and I loved it.

MM: What sorts of characters do you find to be the most interesting to play and, to date, which have been your favorite roles?

SE: My favorite roles have absolutely been Trixie from “Lucifer” and Megan from the “Daddy’s Home “Movies.

Megan is much sassier than I am in real life, so that is fun to play.

Short films, big projects, and dream roles

MM: How did you find a part in a short film created with the Make-A-Wish Foundation?

SE: I auditioned for the make-a-film foundation film just like a normal audition. I played the younger version of Bailee Madison.

MM: How did you get roles on big projects like “Junior Eye,” “Lucifer,” and “Daddy’s Home”? Moreover, which characters did you play and how did you prepare for them?

SE: All of the roles I’ve been cast in have come from auditioning. In “Junior Eye” I play a younger version of Jenna Ortega. In “Lucifer” I play Trixie. In “Daddy’s Home 1 &2” I play Megan. To prepare for these roles was a pretty normal process. Mainly memorizing lines and bringing my own spin to the roles.

MM: What are your biggest goals—and dream roles—for the future?

SE: In the future, I hope to do an action movie! Or a film like “A Wrinkle In Time.”

MM: Have you any exciting new projects on the horizon and would you like to discuss anything further?

SE: I have a few things in the works, but I can’t really talk about any of them quite yet. Hopefully soon!