''The Walking Dead'' had the Season 8 finale making its way to us. Episode 16 wrapped up another season and it also put an end to what can be described as ''The Saviors Era''. Negan may seem out of the game but Rick did spare his life for a long-term purpose of fairness and unity. The last-minute decision to save Negan streamed up out of Carl's memory and the letters he had written for those closest to him.

Although a sense of security seems to have been installed among these hard-tested folks, the rotten apple sits right at the center of the pile as Daryl and Maggie are determined to deliver some justice for themselves.

The false lead some may have fallen for

As the season finale was about to reach its peak of intensity, Rick and his group were about to face Negan and his army. While on a high ground, Rick and Daryl observed a large herd of walkers frolicking down into some distant valley. Later, Rick would use that as an argument while calling for unity and forgiveness.

Although it seems like a legit way to introduce a spoiler, that significant herd of zombies can hardly be a real threat to this group. Its ability to survive in the hard condition has already been tested.

When all started, back in Atlanta, such a numerous herd could have been a real test but it's been a while since walkers alone were considered the ultimate threat.

Episode 16 ''Wrath'' puts an end to a long conflict against the Saviors and their leader Negan who is now Rick's prisoner. Maggie wanted him dead as well as a huge portion of the show's fans. But, it's a nice twist to see Rick coming down to his senses where rationalism prevails over an emotion-driven decision.

Season 9 will bring up a new type of conflict

Rick Grimes may have survived a long sheer of unfortunate events but the struggle may not be over yet. Maggie is expected to fuel a new type of conflict, a sedition movement that encapsulates Jesus and Daryl. And, as long as Negan will be kept alive, the conflict will keep growing.

It may have already passed past the turning point, but a resolution on this matter can still be found.

Still, one question remains as Rick has to get used to a new way of living. And, there's always the possibility of meeting other groups with interest of their own their are willing to follow. Where there is no social order, chaos rules every day's movements and all that people can do is to downsize its effects. Speaking of chaos, that helicopter and the mystery around it might find its answer during Season 9.