Less than a year after "The Good Wife" series finale in May 2016, came the spinoff, "The Good Fight," by creators Michelle King, Robert King, and Phil Alden Robinson. Now the show is in its second season and the drama is off the charts. Two of the lead female characters are experiencing big life-changing events in their personal lives while they deal with the everyday stresses that come from their intense jobs as top Chicago lawyers.

The Lucca and Colin proposal

Lead character, Lucca Quinn, is played by Cush Jumbo. Just a few episodes ago, it is revealed that this young lawyer is pregnant and the baby's father is Colin Morello, who is played by actor Justin Bartha.

Unlike most shows that like to let the big news sit for a while, Lucca makes the courageous move and tells Colin that she's pregnant and it is his baby.

Unfortunately, he was sleeping with another woman just a few hours before she told him, but that doesn't stop him from asking her to marry him. His spontaneous proposal does not end well, though. Lucca says no several times before leaving, but according to the promos for next week's episode that encounter between the two ex-lovers won't be the last. The on and off again romance is truly enticing to watch and now there is a whole other reason to root for the two lovebirds. While some may think Lucca's pregnancy is very unexpected, it was actually written into the show when actress Cush Jumbo revealed that she is pregnant in real life with her first baby.

The elegant and poised Diane Lockhart cheats on her husband

Complicated relationships are not just for the young ones. Diane and Kurt McVeigh may be estranged, but they are still married. Recently, they have been trying to put their relationship back on the mends. Unfortunately, a bad decision by the new care-free Diane Lockhart might make that transition harder.

At a work party, Diane meets a smooth-talking bartender who works his way into her bed despite Diane telling him that she is married. While Diane has no desire to repeat her mistake, she soon finds herself getting hysterical in her husband's arms. Instead of telling him about her unfaithfulness, she finds another excuse for her sadness and leaves the audience wondering whether she'll ever confess.

These two dramatic personal events are only just the start of the drama on "The Good Fight." Tune in to more of Season 2's episodes airing every Sunday night to see how these emotional journeys will transform.