Khloe Kardashian was blindsided when news and video of Tristan Thompson cheating went viral. The "Keeping Up With The Kardashians" star is reportedly devastated and another reality star knows what she is going through. Amid reports that Khloe has gone into labor, Kailyn is speaking out in support. She's been through a similar situation and she knows how deeply Khloe is hurting right now.

Wait, what? Which baby daddy cheated on Kail when she was pregnant? That's right, it was Chris Lopez who reportedly stepped out on Kail when she was pregnant with baby Lux.Back in November, Kail put Chris on blast for cheating on her throughout her entire pregnancy.

It sounds like she really does have something in common with Khloe Kardashian after all. It's too bad it has to be something as disgusting as a cheating man.

The two are no longer together though he is reportedly considering a visit to Kail's podcast, "Coffee Convos with Kailyn Lowry and Lindsie Chrisley." Sometimes we forget that Kail and Chris were even together since their romance was over so quickly.

What did Kail have to say?

"Pregnancy can be an emotional roller coaster," Kail told In Touch. "It's a tender time and should be happy and sacred — and with that being said, you're only pregnant with each child one time so it's a shame that he would cheat on her during such a special time. Let alone at all,"

What makes things even worse for Khloe Kardashian is that it's starting to look like Tristan Thompson is a serial cheater too.

After footage from Saturday went viral, another clip from back in October 2017 surfaced. In that video, Tristan can be seen flirting with two different women before kissing one of them while the other gropes him.

The whole thing has just been shocking to watch unfold. It's no secret that Khloe was madly in love with Tristan.

Before the cheating scandal broke, it was looking like he was deeply in love too. It turns out, he's just another cheater.

The aftermath

So far, the Kardashian family has remained silent about the Tristan Thompson cheating rumors. He also hasn't said anything and has been away from social media since the story broke. That hasn't stopped those close to the Kardashians from talking though and it sounds like Khloe is done with Tristan for good.

Additional reports indicate that Khloe Kardashian may actually be in labor at the time of publication. TMZ reported that Khloe was having contractions and that she might actually be having her baby girl today. Kris Jenner has already summoned the family. She is reportedly headed to Cleveland to be by Khloe's side now, The rest of the Kardashian and Jenner sisters are expected to arrive Thursday and Friday.