Kailyn Lowry is having a good time today. As she got ready to take a flight earlier, the "Teen Mom 2" star took to Snapchat to pass the time before takeoff. It was there that she posted a picture of herself and the seat next to her. In the caption, Kailyn wrote, "My love & i traveling."

The funny part is that there wasn't anybody in the seat next to Kailyn. Lucky for her, right? Well, apparently she was in a silly mood and decided to draw a companion in. So in the Snapchat photo, you can actually see Kail's left arm and then next to her is a blue stick figure with a big smiling face.

Is Kailyn Lowry dating?

It wasn't long ago that Kailyn Lowry shocked her "Teen Mom 2" fans when she announced that she was dating another woman. Just after Lux was born, she admitted to having a relationship with Dominique Potter. In January, she made their break up news official.

The reported reason for Kailyn and Dominique's break up is that she was still dealing with the split before her most recent one and still had some issues to unpack. Even before Lux was born, Kailyn and Chris Lopez had plenty of drama. Even now, with the baby boy being six months old, they still look like they're having problems.

Kailyn is still officially single

Both Kailyn and Chris took to Twitter at the end of January and exchanged a few words. At one point, Kail reportedly told Chris to stop being a deadbeat. She was angry about Lopez's recent social media posts where he's been talking about how much he misses Lux, making it look like she's trying to keep the baby away.

That started a huge problem between the two and they ended up exchanging quite a bit of Twitter shade. Apparently, he really wanted to get under Kail's skin because only a few days later he taunted the "Teen Mom 2" star, saying, "Maybe I'll bang Briana."

That couldn't have gone over well. Especially since Kailyn has been dealing with a ton of drama lately connected with Javi Marroquin dating Briana DeJesus over the past few months.

Those two split up and it looks like it's probably for good this time. This leaves both Kail and Javi single at the same time. Hmm...

When Kail first announced that she was single, she made it clear that she wouldn't be seeking out another relationship any time soon. Instead, the "Teen Mom 2" star said she wanted to take some time out from the dating game so she could focus more on her three boys. That's probably the best move she could have made considering all of the recent drama she's gone through with not one, but two of the men who fathered her children.