"Teen Mom: young & Pregnant" just began but there's already a huge drama going on. As we've pointed out before, many "Teen Mom" stars have been in trouble with the law and so have many of their family members so this is nothing new. However, murder is a huge deal and despite his not guilty plea, it looks like Bariki's brother Troy Seales is going to be doing some time.

The verdict

The jury returned a guilty verdict for Troy Seales on April 7. He was found guilty in the shooting death of Deandre Adams on August 25, 2017. According to his mother Shen, there will be an appeal.

She believes that her son was denied justice after a juror slept through part of the trial.

Seales was arrested back in September 2017 for Adams' death, an apparent drive-by. He was charged with two counts of great bodily injury and one count of shooting into an inhabited dwelling. He denied the first two counts and plead guilty to the third. According to Radar Online, he was arrested along with Dupree Riley, who was also charged in the murder and is standing trial.

Bariki and Troy's mother, Shenandoah Williams, has been giving numerous updates on the murder case and the conviction. Ever since her son was found guilty, she has been looking for legal help, complaining that a sleeping juror helped to convict him of murder.

And the feud...

Bariki also updated his "Teen Mom" fans on his older brother's murder case. Outraged, he took to Instagram and told fans about Troy's murder conviction and how he's been fighting it since his arrest in September. He revealed that the murder trial lasted two weeks. He blamed the guilty verdict on a bad lawyer as well as a sleeping juror just like Shenandoah said.

While admitting that Troy Seales isn't perfect, Bariki Smith said that his brother is not a murderer.

That got a response from their mom. Shen shot back at Bariki, who has his mother blocked and hasn't been as active in Troy's trial as she would like. She claims that he used the trial for his "Teen Mom" storyline because he only showed up for one day of the trial.

"Bar crying they took his brother,” Shen wrote on Instagram. “Didn’t even sit his trial or put up one dime for lawyer. Just got a storyline minutes after verdict. I lost two sons but my 1st born, we will fix this. I [won’t] stop until justice is served. A sleeping juror cannot decide anyone’s fate.”

Shen has a huge part on "Young & Pregnant" because of an ongoing feud with Bariki Smith's baby mama Ashley Jones. As she continues to update everyone on Troy Seales' murder trial and now, his upcoming sentencing, she's doubling up on the drama by keeping everyone up to date on Bariki, who has her blocked as well as Ashley, whose apology she recently refused to accept.

Clearly, that has caused problems for Bariki and his mom, who are not talking.

From the way things look, they might stay that way since Shen made it clear that she's working on an appeal in Troy's case. She doesn't seem too concerned about not speaking to Bariki except to take shots at both him and Ashley on social media.

Much like the previous "Teen Mom" series' it looks like "Young & Pregnant" is going to have plenty of family drama beyond just having babies at a young age. Hopefully, Bariki Smith and his mom can work it all out. It looks like the story still isn't over for Troy Seales, who will be sentenced for his murder conviction on May 4.