As you probably know, “Boku no Hero Academia: Vigilantes” is the spinoff of the highly successful manga series “Boku No Hero Academia.” It follows the adventure of three protagonists hoping to save the world using their unconventional powers. Unfortunately, these heroes do not carry the necessary license that the protagonists have in the original series.

Review: our vigilantes

The story of "Boku no Hero Academia: Vigilantes" revolves around three protagonists; Koichi Himawari, Kazuho Haneyama, and Knuckleduster. Koichi is a gentle boy who simply wishes to help the public.

His ‘quirk’ is the ability to Glide that will later develop as the story progress. He was not able to secure a license since he missed the entrance exam of the UA Academy. Koichi will normally stay in the street while constantly looking for people who need his help. Kazuho Haneyama is an idol in this story. She seems to be the youngest among our vigilantes. She doesn’t care about securing a license. All she cares about is maintaining her image. Finally, Knuckleduster is our senior Vigilante. He defeats his enemy with his brute force.

Is the plot interesting and unique?

The plot of the story is somehow related to the original manga title. They are working together to defeat an organization that distributes illegal drugs that enhance quirks.

The same situation has already happened in the original series when Kirishima fought against someone who drank a pill to boost his quirk. This quirk-enhancing drug turns the user into a monster.

Nonetheless, despite that similarity, the Vigilante series provides us with a different perspective of Deku’s world. The unique character has been magnified by their diverse character background.

Characterization is flawless; all of them will react differently on a similar situation. Despite their superhuman abilities, the characters are still humanized by showing that one character is insufficient when dealing with the situation.

If you are a loyal reader of this series,” it will encourage you to rethink the things that you know about your average hero.

What makes someone super in a world filled with superheroes? Why do you need a piece of paper to give you the license to save people? It will make you ask if the rights to save the public should be limited to those heroes who carry licenses. The comedic timing is also impressive. The way the mangaka insert a light humor during the tough situation is laudable. These qualities separate the manga from its parent series.

Verdict: an interesting read

We all grew up admiring the man in blue who is constantly saving the day. Compared to that, characters in this manga series are not omnipotent. Nonetheless, just like “Superman,” it will remind you that being a kid is not essentially bad when you are an adult filled with stress and responsibilities. Characters of Vigilantes present a realistic impersonation of humanity during a particular situation. I recommend it to those readers who are looking for more “Boku No Hero Academia” content.