Catelynn Lowell is still struggling despite a recent stint in rehab. In the latest "Teen Mom OG" sneak peek shared by Ok! Magazine, Catelynn comes clean to Tyler Baltierra about how she's been feeling lately and it's not pretty. Keep in mind that this was filmed in between rehab stints and should give fans a bit more insight into why Cate decided to head back to rehab in Arizona.

As the "Teen Mom OG" sneak peek begins, Catelynn confesses that she has something to tell Tyler and that it's really hard for her to talk about. It turns out that she's still having bad anxiety and despite trying to mask it, the stress of her emotions is starting to take its toll.

“I just feel like I’m letting people down for some reason. I feel guilty…for having anxiety," Catelynn told Tyler.

Catelynn is still struggling

Then Tyler, who has been extremely supportive of his wife, reassured her again and told Catelynn not to feel guilty because she's not letting anyone down.

Catelynn tries to tell Tyler that she doesn't think her meds are working. She even admitted that when she's feeling anxiety in the morning, she takes one. That's when Tyler, who has been showing signs of depression himself, tries to take responsibility for the way Catelynn is feeling even though it has nothing to do with him.

“No it’s nothing to do with you Tyler. It’s my inner child. It’s nothing to do with what you do!” Catelynn continued,” It’s my own s**t, it’s just coming out!

When things go on in life, that’s how trauma works. So it’s nothing to do with you, you’re awesome, you’re supportive.”

After explaining to Tyler that she is still having a hard time dealing with childhood trauma, Catelynn exclaims that she's going back to rehab. Tyler is stunned and just sits there in silence in the "Teen Mom OG" clip.

Is divorce an option?

After telling Tyler Baltierra that she's headed back to rehab, Catelynn Lowell breaks down in tears. Overwhelmed with emotion, she says that she wouldn't be mad if Tyler wanted to leave and told him, "Just divorce me!"

Clearly, that's not what Tyler wants and Catelynn headed back to rehab soon after this scene was filmed.

Now Catelynn is out of rehab and reunited with her family again. Over the last few days, "Teen Mom OG" fans have shifted their concern to Tyler, who has been tweeting about his feelings and sounds very depressed. He even told his followers recently that he's feeling very alone, even with Catelynn home.

Some have thought that maybe Tyler will head to rehab now to do some work on himself. The "Teen Mom" dad recently shot those rumors down. He confirmed that while he is looking into different treatment options, he's not leaving his family for rehab right now.

That's a lot of drama for Catelynn Lowell and Tyler Baltierra to deal with, especially as the world watches. Bringing up divorce is scary and hopefully, Catelynn's offer of having Tyler divorce her won't ever be an option and they can work together to raise Nova and learn how to be happy alone and with each other.