The biggest Marvel movie of all-time is nearing its release. "Avengers: Infinity War" should smash box office records as our merry band of heroes from the mcu collectively join forces. The two-part installment promises to change the perception of the superhero universe for the long haul.

We all have our preconceived notions about the superheroes now, though. We've now been living vicariously in the MCU for a decade. A wide array of intriguing and flawed heroes have graced our screens since then. There's never been a definitive ranking of who the best of them are -- not until now, anyway.

Here are the three best heroes from the far.

3. Spider-Man

He's still relatively new to the universe, with one "Captain America" appearance and his own "Spider-Man: Homecoming." Tom Holland has the potential to be the best actor in the role's history, though. The young Peter Parker is full of wit, ambition, and unrelenting desire to make a difference in the world. That often gets him in trouble with his sometime mentor, Tony Stark. More than any other member of the MCU, however, he is guided by a righteous virtue that can't be tampered with yet, due to his age and naïvety about the world around him.

2. Star-Lord

Peter Quill changed the game when his Guardians of the Galaxy came along. With his mixtapes, he brought some merriment and nostalgia to the MCU.

It helped that he had a raccoon and a Groot in his back pocket, don't get me wrong, but Chris Pratt's cocksure, yet layered acting leads the way. He's incredibly self-confident, yet also quite vulnerable. Some of his best moments are written in for him -- such as advancing from a Walkman to a Zune -- but his identity is as off-kilter as it comes in the universe.

When we need lighter moments in "Infinity War," we should look to Star-Lord.

1. Iron Man

Sometimes, the first is the best. Iron Man introduced us to the revamped MCU back in 2008. His aura of gravitas immediately became unmistakable in the movie landscape. The character is more than just a vehicle in Robert Downey Jr.'s revitalization, though.

He's a spokesperson for the belief in STEM programs, with his scientist side always buoying his superhero charm. He is a beacon of hope, yet a remarkably tragic and flawed figure. Iron Man immediately became the archetype for what a superhero was and what a superhero could be. For all those reasons and more, Tony Stark is the best superhero in the MCU.