Tammy Rivera's first release has been called "soothing and soulful" by VH1. "All These Kisses" came out back in June 2017 and proved that the "Love & Hip Hop Atlanta" star and swimsuit designer is also a talented singer. Now, Tammy is celebrating even bigger success as a recording artist because her music debut has gone platinum.

This is a huge feat for Tammy, whose single managed to sell more than a million copies without radio play or even a big label behind her. It just goes to prove both Tammy's work ethic and talent. If you haven't heard "All These Kisses" yet, check out the official video below.

"All These Kisses" is available for purchase on iTunes.

Those who watch "Love & Hip Hop Atlanta" know that Tammy Rivera and Waka Flocka's marriage has been bumpy, to say the least. Despite some major drama, the couple overcame some huge obstacles and now, they are stronger together than ever. They even performed together for the first time last month and it was a hit.

"All These Kisses" is clearly a love song to Waka. In it, Tammy sings about catering to her man and what she's willing to do to please him. It's safe to say that Waka is a fan of the song but what about everyone else?

Back in June, when Tammy Rivera's "All These Kisses" was first released, VH1 ran a poll and asked fans if they thought Tammy really had the pipes or not.

It looks like we're not alone in our love of her first hit single because 85 percent of those who took the survey said they also think Tammy is a gifted singer.

Even beyond VH1 and "Love & Hip Hop Atlanta" fans, Tammy Rivera managed to make an impression. "All These Kisses" made it to the Billboard charts, peaking at number 14.

The official video

Now if you think the song is emotionally charged, you've got to watch the official music video for "All These Kisses." In it, Tammy Rivera tells the story of a man who loses his companion and the mother of his child. It's not Waka Flocka who plays Tammy's boyfriend/husband in the tear-inducing imagery but it's still some pretty heavy subject matter.

The song and video are all about appreciating the one you're with and making sure they know how much you care. The theme isn't new but Tammy's approach is as fresh as ever and the reminder is always needed.

Clearly, Tammy Rivera is musically gifted and must make more music! The platinum status of "All These Kisses" is proof that she's got the chops and her audience is listening. Considering just how successful this song has been without a major label, radio airplay, or a huge marketing budget, imagine what Tammy could do with all of that on her side. With success in TV, music, and fashion, the sky is the limit for Tammy. She has already proved that she can do anything that she puts her mind to.