If you have been a fan of the Brown family for a while, you would know that they are always in the news. Now, they will either be making headlines for good both and bad reasons, but in this case, it is for a very positive reason. Mariah Brown who is the daughter of Kody and Meri Brown has just recently revealed online something exciting about her education and many fans are very happy for her. This is not the time that Mariah has been in the news as details about her relationship with her girlfriend Audrey have just recently been revealed online.

What is this education news that Mariah Brown has just revealed?

Now, the education news that Mariah Brown has just recently revealed was that she had been accepted into her first choice of a grad school.

She revealed this information on her Instagram account by writing the caption “All smiles because I just found out I got into one of my top choices for grad school & I couldn’t be more excited about it // PC: @jenfairchild_com.” It is worth mentioning that as soon as she posted this Instagram post, lots of Brown family fans congratulated her online.

For instance, one fan wrote “Congratulations on all your hard work paying off.”While another commented “Congrats! Also, have to say you’re one of my fave people on TV!” I have actually attached the picture that went along with this Instagram post, so you can see how happy this Brown Family Member is now that she has been accepted into her favorite graduate school.

What is everybody else in the Brown family up to?

In case you didn’t know the Brown family has been very busy as of recently as it was just recently confirmed that their TLC family reality television series “Sister Wives” will be returning with a brand-new season. This current season of “Sister Wives” has been very dramatic as it has mainly focused on the wedding of Mykelti and Tony Padron.

Many Brown family fans do not actually like Tony because they think that he is just plain rude. An example of this rude behavior would be when he invited himself to Mykelti’s wedding dress try on a session with the other Brown mothers and when he was there all he did was make silly jokes about push up bras.

Another example of this terrible behavior was when he told Kody to take a home equity out of his house so he could pay for his and Mykelti's wedding.

None the less, to keep up to date with everything that this very controversial family is doing be sure to follow them on their social media accounts and their television series “Sister Wives” as well.