''Peaky Blinders'' is one of those shows that won't stop delivering the goods regardless of its connection with the mainstream TV shows' market. Launched in 2013 on BBC TWO, it quickly became clear that it has some uniqueness in it.

Built around a street gang based in Birmingham, United Kingdom, the show follows the Blinders throughout a long process that picked them out of obscurity. Cillian Murphy plays Tommy Shelby and the whole narrative construct has been built around his persona. A young and charismatic guy, Tommy Shelby represents the person who is struggling to build up his own destiny and step outside of the social bubble assigned initially.

There's no certainty beyond Season 5

According to IMDb, the upcoming season may also hint toward show's termination. At this point, we can only hope that the show will get an extension. Season 4 finale sketched the premises of an interesting development as the whole story skidded into a new chapter after Thomas Shelby's successful bid to hold a public office.

It also seems that the Shelby family got out of what used to be their naturally designated social bubble. A street gang at its core, it now turned into a weighting political factor in the industrial city of Birmingham.

An industrial colossus at the time, Birmingham was the witness of some radical social movements, especially those led by the communists.

The brutal picture of at that time, recently ended World War One was still fresh on the canvas and society was looking for a new model to use onward. Therefore, this unstable social climate eventually helped gangs to gain more power.

Moreover, in such a rotten society, the bug of corruption thrives. ''Peaky Blinders'' does well to exploit this dark side of society in what is an attempt to present the very reality of that era.

Season 5 will explore more of these, especially now that Tommy Shelby has more access to the political arena.

There could be more about the social environment

Starting with the Industrial Revolution in the second part of the 18th century, Birmingham has been a major hub that helped the phenomenon moving forward. ''Peaky Blinders'' takes that into account and does even more as we get a deeper view of how regular worker' life was.

It's a tough world to live in, impossible if one was to use the present set of rules to filter through. Back in the days, whoever owned a factory was basically exploiting thousands of workers and they had limited options to maximize their own profits. On this matter, ''Peaky Blinders'' is a wild and raw lesson of a rather naked-to-the-bone economy.

Most likely, this topic will be covered intensively during Season 5. As a political figure, Thomas Shelby would have to deal with this aspect too.