Thomas Shelby is the character that makes the series, ''Peaky Blinders,'' a special treat. Produced by BBC, this TV show has accumulated some healthy longevity over the years. With four seasons already done and dusted, the series is expected to premiere its 5th season sometime in 2019.

As with many other shows, ''Peaky Binders'' is a single, core-centered production. Its entire narrative is built around the infamous, yet charismatic persona of Thomas Shelby. Thomas Shelby had begun climbing the underworld ladder and, since he brought his family with him, the family eventually became the ruling faction in the heavily industrialized city of Birmingham, United Kingdom.

The story began, following the conclusion of World War I, in what appeared to be a highly tormented environment. While the British government was struggling to contain the communist bug, Shelby's group saw its chance to build a network of their own, especially since Thomas had already been making efforts to get in touch with influential figures of the central government.

Public office has perks

Season 5 will most likely build on how Thomas Shelby will find a balance between being a known criminal while simultaneously performing a public function.

Season 4 gave some insight into how the Blinders might decide to expand their businesses. The death of Luca Changretta, following an intense manhunt, opened the American market to the illicit alcohol trade even more.

The 20s are, subsequently, known for Prohibition and the ascent of various criminals.

For the Shelby family, having Tommy in a position of power meant a greater sense of security for their business, illegal or otherwise. But, perks are not the only thing that comes from holding public office.

Danger comes from many directions

Jessie Eden, a known communist and union organizer, convinced Tommy to help her cause and, given the current status that Thomas Shelby has, it all seems more like a case of incompatibility. Moreover, if found out, Thomas' affiliation might give rise to accusations of treason. This would eventually lead to a trial and then maybe even an execution.

As for the Blinders, they are expanding their ventures which means more errors are likely to occur. And, in a criminal environment, even a slight error or misjudgment can be cause for violence and bloodshed.

It will be interesting to see if Thomas Shelby will manage to hold all these strings in check. Despite his apparent growing influence, he might be more vulnerable than he may think. Basically, he's rolling the dice on his very life.