After the Japanese animated TV series "Dragon Ball Super" aired its final episode, fans have been looking forward to new updates about the upcoming "Dragon Ball Super: The Movie." Recently, another poster for the film was released which excited the anime's fandom. Compared to the previous poster, this one has some changes in the background.

Movie poster

Twitter user GovetaXV shared three images showing the new poster. It bears the logo and release information of the movie. Of course, it also features Son Goku wearing his orange Gi while holding his power pole with one hand.

This magic pole was first seen in the "Dragon Ball Z" series. Since Goku is holding the magic pole, it is possible that he will be using this again in the movie. The pole is a length changing staff that Goku uses as a weapon.

Aside from that, his facial expression shows that he is ready to get into another challenge while sporting his black hair. To recall, GovetaXV also previously shared a poster featuring the same artwork of Goku. However, the first poster shows a different background. There were outlines of Dragon Balls in various colors. The stars in them also came with the same color as the balls.

Many people are glad that the Dragon Balls are back since this means that the relics are still relevant to the anime and to the upcoming movie as well.

It is noted that fans almost forgot about these items after Jiren the Gray of Universe 11 made his debut in the Universe Survival arc.

Updated background

The updated poster no longer shows the colorful Dragon Balls.

Instead, it shows Goku standing on top of a block of ice in front of a frozen wasteland. Fans of the anime will remember that this is the same as the setting in the upcoming film's trailer.

This new poster makes fans wonder why the frozen wasteland is given emphasis. Others think that this could be the place where Freeza comes from.

Although the planet is no longer habitable, there could be a reason why Goku is in that area. It is also possible that the place is a totally new setting for Goku and his friends.

Movie details

The "Dragon Ball Super" movie is set for release on December 14, 2018, in Japan. Its worldwide release may follow after that date. The movie will focus on the Saiyan race on the planet called Sadala.

To recall, Sadala was mentioned in the anime while Vegeta was helping Cabba of Universe 6. Cabba promised Vegeta that he would introduce him to the King of Sadala once they got revived from erasure after the Tournament of Power.