''Peaky Blinders'' will return for its fifth season next year. Although there is no certain bet moving past the upcoming Season 5, the potential this TV series holds under its frame is huge and far from being drained. A well-centered yet dynamic BBC-produced drama, ''Peaky Blinders'' has the Shelby family as the main stage occupant. Moving a bit closer, it's mostly about Thomas Shelby and his never-ending struggle to retain/ extend power, to kill some of his enemies off or to simply climb up the ladder, socially and politically as well.

It's 1919, right after the World War One, and the streets of Birmingham, England are far from being a safe ground, especially around the Small Heath area.

That was the beginning of Thomas Shelby's adventure. Some think of it as the European counterpart of ''Boardwalk Empire''. And, considering that guns, sex, corruption, and booze are all part of this eclectic carnival, it seems like a valid point.

Thomas Shelby and the new territory he is about to enter

In what was an emphatic finish, Season 4 finale pictured Thomas Shelby who had just decided to enter politics. Winning the election was merely a formality thus the screen pictured a Shelby family happily embracing political success.

Season 4 may have had an optimistic way to finish up things after that long battle for survival. Dealing with a squad of trained-to-kill Italians, Shelby family secured their ground.

Already involved in the alcohol business, especially with back-then-prohibition in the United States, the Blinders are ready to pursue another lucrative business.

Now, as Thomas Shelby has been elected to hold a public office, the dimension of the power Shelby family holds grows exponentially.

Nothing happens overnight

For a newbie into ''Peaky Blinders'', this article may seem a bit surreal.

But, to make a fair assessment, it's fair to say that all takes place at a slow but steady pace. It took years for Tommy Shelby to built his empire. It all started as a small gang in Birmingham's poorest section.

A meteoric ascent has to involve crime, controversy, betrayal and multiple twists and ''Peaky Blinders'' has all these under its belt.

What brings in the singularity feeling is the way action unfolds, not the scenario in itself. Sometimes, the course is easy to predict, but the mind is blown away by that raw way of putting it out. And, as a bonus piece of advice, a smoker should not get involved with this show, especially if he's trying to quit.