Each year on holocaust remembrance day, also known as Yom HaShoah, millions of the Jewish faith from around the world take time to remember the horrors of the Holocaust. In recognition of the day, Ivanka Trump sent out a tweet that angered many on social media.

Ivanka on Holocaust Day

Holocaust Remembrance Day, otherwise known as Holocaust Memorial Day, is an international day of remembrance to honor those who lost their lives during the Holocaust at the hands of the Nazi Party in Germany.

In Israel, it's considered a national memorial day. Back in the United States, the issue of antisemitism has increased in recent years following the election of Donald Trump, while reaching a fever pitch during the riots in Charlottesville, Virginia between a group of white supremacists and protesters. The riots resulted in the death of a protester, which received even more attention after Trump claimed that there were was bigotry and hated "on many sides."

Fast forward to present day with Holocaust Memorial Day just around the corner and First Daughter Ivanka Trump decided send out a tweet of acknowledgement on April 11. "Tonight, on the eve of Yom Hashoah, Holocaust Memorial Day, we remember the lives of over six million Jews, who were so brutally murdered by the horrendous Nazi regime," Ivanka tweeted, before adding, "we pledge Never Again." As expected, Ivanka's tweet which appeared harmless and good good-natured still didn't go over well with those who oppose the Trump administration and family.

Twitter reaction

In response to Ivanka Trump's tweet, critics of the administration wasted no time hitting back. "Wait... I thought your Dad said Nazi’s were fine people?? How awkward are your sabbaths?" one tweet sarcastically wondered.

"Listen the holocaust was horrible and one of the greatest tragedies in history.

However your using #NeverAgain which is I believe aimed at mass shootings and other acts of gun violence in America you are one clueless person," a Twitter user wrote. "Tonight, on the eve of impeachment, we remember the lives of 300 million Americans who were fu*ked over by your dad. Never again!" a tweet added with humor.

"Your father and his henchmen have turned a cold shoulder to refugees. You should be ashamed. Your words are hollow," a social media user wrote. "Again, Ivanka you shouldn’t be speaking about this. You have not endured the suffering that countless Jews have suffered. Don’t act like you give a sh*t about anybody but your entitled, crooked family," a follow-up tweet read.