The Roseanne” reboot debuted to monster ratings for ABC, but not everybody is anxious to tune into this revived show. Star Roseanne Barr has a history of putting inflammatory posts up on social media espousing her radical views and even as the new show premiered, Barr was continuing to post incendiary comments. Some are calling for a boycott of those advertising on “Roseanne” and the drive is seemingly gaining steam.

'Roseanne' critics hope an advertiser boycott can work here too

Recent advertiser boycotts have been quite effective in pushing back against historically outspoken conservatives like Laura Ingraham and Bill O'Reilly.

Could the same approach impact ABC and their “Roseanne” reboot? The network quickly renewed the series after its massive premiere ratings, but many people across social media platforms are speaking up and pushing back.

As Buzzfeed notes, Roseanne posted a tweet aimed at Parkland shooting survivor and activist David Hogg, insinuating that he had done a Nazi salute during an appearance. However, the tweet quickly disappeared, with many thinking that ABC made her take it down. Barr later backpedaled and tried to undo the damage, but few were buying her excuses.

Barr has a history of inflammatory social media posts

The accusation from the "Roseanne" star that Hogg had done a Nazi salute isn't the only recent social media post driving outrage. CNN details that on March 31, Barr posted a tweet about how President Donald Trump has supposedly freed hundreds of children each month from trafficking rings and bondage situations all around the world.

This is seemingly a reference to “The Storm” conspiracy theory traced to a 4Chan user named “QAnon.”

Roseanne has posted about this 4Chan user previously and the Daily Beast notes other controversial tweets of Barr's that are connected to Alex Jones of Infowars, are transphobic, anti-Muslim, or promote other inflammatory right-wing conspiracies.

A photo shoot that Barr did in 2009 has resurfaced too, so while Roseanne may be muzzled to a degree in her new posts, it seems there are plenty of prior incidents to support the criticism of her controversial views.

Critics are banding together to go after advertisers

As a result of Barr's continuing controversial posts, many have started talking about starting a “Roseanne” advertiser boycott. Twitter users are sharing lists while using hashtags like “BoycottRoseanne,” “BoycottRoseanneAdvertisers,” “#BoycottABC,” and other similar variations to connect with like-minded posters. Lists circulating of “Roseanne” advertisers include Subway, Outback Steakhouse, Pepsi, Ashley Furniture Industries, Lyrica, Pfizer, Haribo, Samsung, and Microsoft.

Additional advertisers reportedly include Mitsubishi, Intuit/Quickbooks, Verizon, Coke,, and JCPenney.

New episodes of “Roseanne” air on ABC Tuesday nights and it will be interesting to see if the network successfully manages to muzzle Barr on social media in regard to her controversial posts. Will ABC, which touts a family-friendly reputation, be impacted by the growing chorus of outraged individuals calling for a “Roseanne” advertiser boycott? Will the show's ratings continue to perform strongly, leading the network to ignore criticism of Barr's right-wing conspiracy posts?