Maci Bookout and Taylor McKinney have been very vocal about their love of children. The two have two biological kids of their own and he helps her raised her son, Bentley, from a previous relationship with Ryan Edwards. Their relationship and wedding were filmed for “Teen Mom OG.” While Bookout and McKinney definitely want more children, the biological route may not be the way they go.

Chaotic life

Things have been chaotic for the couple. Maci Bookout and Taylor McKinney revealed they had a miscarriage last fall while filming “Teen Mom OG.” The news was never leaked when it happened.

Viewers didn't find out until the episode of them talking about it aired. Bookout and McKinney have decided that adoption would be a good route to go. They have actually investigated what it would take, but no moves have been made just yet. Bookout is busy with her two little ones who will be turning 2 and 3 in May.

There is also a lot happening with Maci Bookout and Bentley's dad, Ryan Edwards. Currently, she has an Order Of Protection against him that is valid through May 21 when they attend court again. Rumors have been circulating that Edwards is using again, leading to the violent tendencies Bookout described when obtaining the order of protection. He is currently expecting a child with his wife, Mackenzie Standifer and was recently arrested at his home.

This has caused stress for Maci and Taylor McKinney. They are concerned for Bentley and also for their other two children, Jayde and Maverick.

Exciting news

When Maci Bookout shared photos on Instagram, “Teen Mom OG” fans went crazy. Jayde and Maverick have been minimally featured on the show, but they have been talked about because of their hair.

Bookout and Taylor McKinney let Maverick's hair grow out, often styling him with a man bun. Now, all of that has changed. The reality star unveiled the new hairstyles of her two youngest children. The man bun is no more, and instead, a sharp-looking toddler is showing off his modern hair.

With all of the changes going through her life, Maci Bookout is still working her magic.

She has been adamant about being a good mom from the beginning, raising Bentley without much help from Ryan Edwards. While she did attempt to make it work, it just didn't. Taylor McKinney is her knight in shining armor and both Jayde and Maverick helped to complete the pieces she was missing in her life. What a blessed mom she is!