Amy Roloff, star of the hit reality TV series "Little People, Big World", threw a grand party for her son Jacob Roloff and his fiancée Isabel “Izzy” Rock. Jacob and Izzy got engaged back in December and the excited mom decided it’s time to celebrate the momentous event. Amy and the rest of the Roloff family had the engagement party on Sunday.

Amy announces engagement party

In a recent post shared on Instagram and Facebook, the 53-year-old reality star said that an old friend paid them a visit and that she prepared some of her famous baked goodies for their little get-together.

In the post, Amy also revealed that she was planning to host an engagement party for her youngest son and future daughter-in-law.

“I’m excited that my friend Jack is in town. We’ll catch up on life over a little coffee and goodies from Amy Roloff’s Little Kitchen,” Amy said. “We’ll be having a party Sunday to celebrate Jacob and Isabel’s engagement. Woohoo!”

Amy did not share other details about the engagement party, particularly who were invited and where it was held. The Roloff matriarch has been getting some flak for throwing parties without inviting her ex-husband Matt. Some "LPBW" fans will likely not appreciate it if Matt was left out of this one.

With regards to the venue of the engagement party, it wouldn't be a surprise if it was held at the farm though the family also loves going out to eat and have fun.

Roloff Farms has been the site of some of the family’s most important events, including the fairly recent wedding of Molly Jo Roloff, Amy and Matt’s only daughter. Jacob and Izzy have also yet to share their wedding plans but there's a good chance it will be held at the farm as twin brothers Zach and Jeremy were also married there.

Congratulations in order

Most of Amy’s supporters showed love for Jacob Roloff and Izzy Rock. A number offered their congratulations to the couple and to Amy, as well. A few said they missed seeing Jacob on "Little People, Big World."

“Congrats to Jacob! Miss seeing him on the show,” said one follower.

“Aaw! Another great engagement!

Congrats on another new “daughter,” said another.

“Hope you post some picture[s] of the engagement party. Congratulations again @izzysofia_ @jacobroloff45,” wrote one fan.

Amy Roloff moving out?

Some "Little People Big World" fans wanted to dwell on the negative as they brought up the supposed issues between Amy and Matt. Some people speculated such issues are the reasons why Matt has been feeling down lately. A few of them advised Amy not to let Matt have his way with regards to the farm. Others let how they felt about Caryn Chandler, Matt's girlfriend, be known.

“Please don’t move out of your house. You earned the right to live there. You birthed your children. You raised them. In my mind and heart, the house should be the women’s.

If your ex wants a bigger house but wants to stay on the farm as well, let him rebuild the place he’s already in,” wrote one supporter. “As far as his [girlfriend] goes, I’m sorry but I just don’t like her. She knew he was a married man. She should have never been his confidant or allowed herself to have feelings for him.... Now I’m obviously speculating. You deserve the best. Stand firm. If the house was in your divorce settlement, don’t move. I just don’t like [Caryn]!!!”

“[Caryn] was a friend of Amy’s and I don’t understand why she should do Amy like that. It’s like saying forget what her feelings are. I would not move out of the house,” agreed another. “That is where y’all kids grew up and now you have grandkids that [are] going to love being there.

Stay blessed Amy.”

The engagement party fell on Earth Day and to commemorate the event, Izzy Rock had one specific request for her future mother-in-law. Izzy tweeted, “Our engagement party is on Earth Day, so I requested there be no meat.” This shouldn't be a problem for Amy as she's a great cook and baker.