Jules Liesl is one fitness influencer that you'll want to keep an eye on. With 180k followers on Instagram, the self-proclaimed "Side Boob queen" has been turning a lot of heads thanks in part to a story from Maxim back in October.

After checking out Jules' Instagram, it's easy to see why she's become so popular. Clearly beautiful, Jules also emits an air of confidence and carefree fun that can't be faked. She shares a message of being happy in your own skin and even backs it up by posting a lot of raw video and barely edited photos. In a world where it's hard to tell who is Photoshopped and who is all natural, Jules is the real deal and that makes her career an easy one to cheer for.

Jules gets candid

Jules Liesl recently answered some questions exclusively for Blasting News. She was asked about her career and what inspires her to do what she does. See what the reigning side boob queen had to say. Some of her answers might shock you!

1. In your early days on Instagram, what inspired your content?

"My early Instagram days were a hot mess, too many filters. I’ve always been inspired by the natural beauty of areas I’ve been to and wanted to be a part of that when I first started bikini modeling."

2. At what point did you notice that you had become "Insta-Famous?"

"When people started noticing me in person and asking for autographs and photos everywhere I went."

3. With your current Instagram following, how would you categorize yourself?

Are you a celeb, a model, an influencer or some combination?

I would have to think of myself as a model and influencer, I enjoy inspiring boys and girls to be comfortable and see themselves as beautiful the way they are with their bodies."

4.A lot of work usually goes into each picture posted on Instagram. Can you break down an average selfie post for us?

"Well, I always find the best lighting, then take 10-20 photos and pick the best one. I rarely edit, I think there is more beauty in an unedited photo. Then post!"

5. Do you think social media is a trend that will last forever? And how do you plan to evolve your brand to stay on top?

"I enjoy helping others discover who they really are, and the best way to do that is to be myself.

I want to continue to inspire people to be comfortable being in their skin naked. Yes, I think social media will last forever but, trends are always changing and there will be something new and everyone will be on to the next hot thing."

6. Anything you want to say to your fans/followers?

"I love you all so much, Y'all inspire me every day! Thank you for always being my babies!"

Jules Liesl isn't afraid to be herself and as it turns out, she's a lot of fun! Be sure to follow Jules on Instagram to see where her career takes her next.