It's no secret that the ladies of "The View" can get into heated arguments from time to time. In the most recent example, co-hosts joy behar and meghan mccain went at it over a joke about Melania Trump.

(The Behar/McCain confrontation happens at 2:00 in the above video)

"The View" on Melania Trump

For the better part of the last two decades, "The View" has remained one of the highest rated daytime talk shows in the United States. With its rotating cast of characters, the program has provided women with a variety of view points to give their thoughts and opinions on a wide-range of topics.

Just like the rest of the country, the issue of politics is often a hot topic, with the Donald Trump administration dominating much of the conversation. Two of the most outspoken current hosts are liberal comedian Joy Behar and conservative commentator Meghan McCain, daughter of Republican Sen. John McCain.

One of the hot topics during the April 26 edition of "The View" was Donald Trump's phone interview from earlier in the morning on "Fox & Friends." Trump spent some of the time discussing the controversy surrounding his lawyer Michael Cohen and the alleged "hush money" payout to adult film star Stormy Daniels, which was music to the ears of Joy Behar.

"Today is Melania’s birthday. Happy birthday Melania!" Behar joked, much to the chagrin of Meghan McCain, who claimed that her remarks was mean and uncalled for.

Double down

"What was mean about it?” Joy Behar asked. "What was mean about it, Meghan?" she doubled down, adding, "Tell me what was mean." Meghan McCain explained that just days earlier the hosts all spoke about how they liked Melania and she expressed that Behar was being rude to bring up the affair on the first lady's birthday.

After Behar admitted that she did like Melania, McCain replied "You're making fun of her!"

Firing back was Joy Behar, who told her conservative co-host "I'm not making fun of her. You know what? You have no sense of humor." Not stopping there, Behar added "I wish you would understand who the target of my jokes is." This isn't the first time that Behar and McCain have gotten into a heated exchange, as previous reports have noted that the two often don't see eye to eye but in front and behind the camera, leading to issues with producers on the show.

With Donald Trump and Melania Trump continuing to have alleged martial issues out in the public, only time will tell how their relationship plays out and what stance the ladies of "The View" will take, whether it's in support or in opposition to the first couple