The “Mission Impossible” actor Tom Cruise embraced the doctrines and practices of the Church of Scientology. His faith in the religion was not moved despite estrangement from the members of his family. Nicole Kidman, Katie Holmes, Suri Cruise and recently Isabella Cruise and her boyfriend Eddie Frencher were the people he lost because of his religion.

Hollywood Hiccups reported that Isabella Cruise who was alienated from her mother Nicole Kidman after she left the church has recently renounced Scientology. Tom Cruise separated Bella and Connor Cruise from their mother because she was declared a “suppressive person by the Church of Scientology.” Now that Bella has severed ties with her father and his religion, she is apparently reconnecting with her mother.

Katie Holmes marriage with Tom Cruise ended because of Scientology

Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise were married in a lavish ceremony attended by the elite of the church. After six years of marriage, Holmes left Cruise and the church to spare her daughter Suri Cruise from being sent to Sea Org for indoctrination.

The much-publicized divorce between the two actors was considered to be the greatest challenge for the church as Holmes was fighting back against the indoctrination of her daughter as per Daily Mail. Holmes has kept her daughter away from Tom Cruise and the actor did not see his daughter for years. The “Top Gun” actor is now living in the UK at the L. Ron Hubbard's former home in Saint Hill Manor near the Scientology headquarters.

He was named as the “mascot of Scientology” and occupies a top position in the Scientology organization.

Tom Cruise values Scientology more than his family

The “Vanilla Sky” actor has put his church as his topmost priority much higher than his wives and children. Kidman and Holmes both separated from the actor because of his religion.

Aside from his family members, former friends of the actor have renounced their faith in the religion too.These include Leah Remini, Brooke Shields, Paul Haggis, Don Simpson, Christopher Reeve, Jason Beghe and Mimi Rogers, who introduced Cruise to Scientology while they were still a couple.

It has been reported by SMH that Rogers and Cruise’s marriage was ended by the organization as her father became a "supressive person." The same happened to his succeeding marriages with Kidman and Holmes.

Kidman’s children were indoctrinated to believe that she was a sociopath and eventually they dropped her to cling to their father. They later hated their mother. Holmes did her best to spare her daughter from being as indoctrinated as her elder siblings. After the demise of his marriages and the separation of his children from him, Tom Cruise remained loyal to Scientology up to this day.