Tom Cruise is both a sinner and a saint. A co-star of the actor can vouch that the Mission Impossible actor is a double-faced carnal but religious person. This was before he hit superstardom. It is impossible to mix oil and water but in Tom Cruise’s case, he found it easy to be promiscuous and at the same time to be religious.

Curtis Armstrong, Cruise’s co-star in “Risky Business” revealed that he witnessed how the Scientologist actor played with women and effectively practiced the doctrines of his religion. He revealed that there was a time he went to Nicole Kidman’s ex-husband’s hotel unit and he saw four young girls lining up outside his door.

He later found out that those girls were entering Cruise’s room one by one as reported by Huffington Post.

Tom Cruise was promiscuous before his fame

Armstrong revealed in his memoir that Tom Cruise was a professing Born Again Christian at that time but behind the scene, he was doing immoral acts with a group of young girls. He was working with Tom Cruise for “Risky Business” in 1982. But Armstrong’s revelation added that Tom Cruise. 19, was also having an affair with co-star Rebecca De Mornay, 23 during that time according to People.

The “Jerry Maguire” star has an eye for beautiful women. Cruise married Mimi Rogers in 1987 and they separated three years after. Then he married Kidman in 1990 and they separated in 2001.

Katie Holmes became his next bride. They got married in 2006 but finalized their divorce in 2012. His marriage and eventual divorce from Holmes were his most publicized relationship.

While the “Endless Love” actor was married to Mimi Rogers, she introduced him to the faith. He remained faithful to the Church of Scientology even after Rogers became a suppressive person.

His subsequent marriages to Nicole Kidman and Katie Holmes ended because of Scientology.

Loved ones left Tom Cruise and his religion

At present, the actor has become the church’s spokesperson and occupies a high position in the organization. Despite the long years he has dedicated to his church, he failed to retain his loved ones’ commitment to the faith.

Even his biological child Suri Cruise was shielded by Katie Holmes from the religion.

Despite Tom Cruise’s indulgence in carnal desires, he continued to be a religious person. Those were the days of his youth when he was yet an unknown actor named Tom Crewes. Later, he became one of Hollywood’s great actors. Curtis Armstrong was instrumental in revealing the young life the “Vanilla Sky” actor.