Jenelle Evans recently went to her Twitter to share all about how her husband David got his DNA results and he can't be racist. She says that he is 1% black, so that means there is no way that he could be, but of course, she was kidding around about all of this. The fans took her serious and went crazy like they always do. Jenelle can't catch a break when it comes to people sharing their exact thoughts with her.

What did Jenelle have to say?

Blasting shared already about how Jenelle Evans made this post after someone on Twitter called her husband David racist.

Someone asked her "How's your racist and homophobic husband?" She said, "My husband is black, but yeah ok sure. Lmao." Obviously, looking at David Eason everyone would not see David as black, but hey Jenelle is saying that he is so it must be true. She said, "Yes, he has Senegal and North African in him. #FunFact." This made her followers go a bit crazy because they just couldn't stop telling her how crazy this idea was and that David doesn't look black at all. This made her have to show a bit of proof, of course.

Jenelle defends her tweets

After this, Jenelle had to go and defend herself on Twitter. The fans started tripping out over what she had to say. Here is the first tweet.

After that, Jenelle said to the fans, "Check out my Instagram story to see David’s DNA from @Ancestry #TruthBeTold." It sounds like David Eason really is 1% black according to his ancestry, but that is not going to be enough to quiet down the fans.

David shared the post that you can see below, which reveals his actual DNA results.

After that, Jenelle Evans asked why everyone is calling David racist.

She seems to have forgotten about a few things that he has said in the past that made everyone think negatively about him. David Eason isn't even going to be on "Teen Mom" at all anymore. Instead, Jenelle will be doing the show without him and has even made it pretty clear that she doesn't plan to have her children on the show the way they used to be.

David was fired back in February from the show after a few homophobic tweets that he posted came to light and MTV didn't take them lightly. Now instead of trying to prove that he isn't homophobic, they are trying to prove that he isn't racist.

Are you surprised to hear that David and Jenelle feel like they can say he isn't racist just for this 1%? Maybe they are taking it a bit far, but the fans are going crazy on their posts. Don't miss new episodes of "Teen Mom" on MTV.