With this Sunday being Easter Sunday, Australian TV viewers obsessed with "Bachelor in Paradise" have to wait until Monday for episode 3 of this reality show.

The break in aired episodes hasn't seen a decline in interest in the show or the contestants, however, with a number of news articles and social media activity speculating what will happen when the show resumes next week.

I have been eagerly lapping up any tidbits of insight during the week. If you haven't had a chance to read any of these articles yourself, hopefully, this round-up of the latest gossip, fan theories and news about the contestants will tide you over until Monday night.

Was BIP contestant Brett single while filming the show?

Following on from the drama in episodes 1 and 2 regarding whether or not Brett was actually single, an official statement has been made by a spokesperson for Warner Bros, the company producing the first season of "Bachelor in Paradise Australia". According to this statement, Brett Moore and Stephanie Boulton were contacted as individuals prior to the show, but they said they were seeing each other. Some time later, both Brett and Steph separately contacted Warner Bros saying they were now in a position to go on the show.

It's still not really clear whether the two were together or not, whether they lied about being in a relationship to get on the show, or whether, in fact, they were just casually seeing where things went.

According to one "TV Week" article, Brett had told Florence he was seeing someone outside Paradise, but that it "wasn't serious".

Either way, one of Steph's latest Instagram posts (pictured below) indicate she's not too happy about having her contract ripped up and not being allowed to appear on the show.

Hook-ups and rumours about who ends up together

There are so many rumours circulating about which "Bachelor in Paradise" contestants ends up with each other, but some of the strongest involve Jarrod Woodgate. While some rumours claim Jarrod ends up with Laurina, others suggest he end up with Ali or Keira. Whoever the lucky lady is, pretty much everyone is convinced it is Jarrod that proposes at the end of the season.

There are also rumours, however, that Laurina ends up with Apollo, after a special episode of "Family Feud" featuring contestants aired last week.

While sneak previews of "Bachelor in Paradise" showed Megan Marx kissing Elora, it appears as though Jake Ellis was also interested in the blonde he'd met previously.

If this Instagram post from Florence is anything to go by, she definitely regretted eliminating love-potential Davey Lloyd from the show.

Can we expect things to get raunchy?

As for whether or not the premiere season of "Bachelor in Paradise Australia" will be as raunchy as the American version, while things may have been steamy off-camera, it's unlikely Australian viewers will see anything more than G-rated.

Earlier this month, news articles claimed "Bachelor in Paradise" contestants had to seek permission from and confirm assent to producers before getting involved in any kind of physical relationship, as a result of the controversy that temporarily shut down production of the most recent version of the US "Bachelor in Paradise" show.

However, as contestant Jarrod Woodgate has stated, because the Australian version of the franchise airs at 7.30pm, it's unlikely that even if things do heat up between various contestants, viewers won't see it on TV.

Tune in to Channel 10 for episode 3 of "Bachelor in Paradise Australia" on Monday night at 7.30pm, or stay tuned for recap notes here on Blasting News.