Episode 3 starts and it's clear no one misses Davey or Brett, not even Tara (who was good friends with Brett before they entered the villa). Well, maybe Flo misses Davey, but only because it's clear she made the wrong choice giving her rose to Jake in episode 2, because she spends every waking moment complaining about the fact that she hasn't seen him since.

When Megan Marx enters the villa, she is set up on a blind date with Jake. Megan asks Jake if there's anyone in the villa he's interested in or with, to which Jake replies 'no'. He then kisses Megan moments before they enter the villa and Megan is introduced to everyone.

Flo eventually finds out that Jake has lied to Megan about their relationship as well as the kiss he shared with Megan and throws a glass of champagne at Jake. Because the champagne throwing was behind the scenes but caught in mic, there's speculation as to whether Flo only threw the champagne or the glass, as you can definitely hear the sound of glass breaking.

Another love triangle?

Early during episode 3, Keira is presented with a date card and promptly chooses to take Michael, despite the fact that Michael has been getting quite close with Tara. It's also surprising considering her reaction when, before entering the villa, Osher asked whether she would be interested in Michael ... and her answer was that she couldn't date anyone with veneers because they freaked her out.

Without so much as a sideways glance, the two head off on their date, leaving Tara to fend off persistent questions from the others as to whether she's ok with the situation. Whether or not she is fine or not at this particular time is difficult to say, but by the time Keira and Michael get back from their date, it's clear she is most definitely not fine, despite this admirable effort.

That face says it all.

While Keira and Michael's date was a bit of a flop because basically, Michael was still keen on Tara, while they were away from the villa, Tara and Sam became very flirty.


All the boys are hot for Ali

The next day, Jarrod enters the house, with a date card in tow. Once Keira is back from her date with Michael and learns of his arrival, she makes a bee-line for Jarrod and there is instant flirtiness. That's all well and good until Ali enters the house.

Jarrod is smitten and claims Ali's smile is like "God's gift" (yeah ok, buddy). He asks Ali to go on a date with him, which she agrees to, despite having just been telling the girls that she wasn't interested in Jarrod.

Obviously, Keira is upset about getting rejected and actually shows a sweet and vulnerable side by demonstrating that she isn't always "the villain" as she was portrayed in her season of "The Bachelor".

It actually makes me feel a little bit happy that Jarrod is this sunburnt.

The date between Jarrod and Ali seems to go well, although Ali still isn't convinced there's anything between her and Jarrod. During the cocktail party, Jarrod tells the boys he will give his rose to Ali. The only problem with this is that at least two other guys have stated their interest in Ali: Michael and Mack.

But during the rose ceremony, Mack goes first and throws a spanner in Jarrod's plans by choosing to give his rose to Ali. Jarrod is visibly annoyed, but it does mean he can now give his rose to Keira, which makes Australia happy because we're all warming to her. Especially after this legend move:

Jake reveals how selfish and 'snake' like he really is

After getting to know Megan better during their blind date and the champagne incident and constant berating from Flo, Jake is adamant he wants to give his rose to Megan.

During the rose ceremony, Jake is last, and Michael is second last. The girls remaining are Flo, Leah, and Megan. Jake begins visibly, audibly and repeatedly begging Michael to give his rose to Flo, because he "just can't". In a move that shocks the nation, and makes him grow infinitely in my estimation, Michael does not.

And so Flo is sent home, and nobody is particularly sad, because they are tired of her constant whining and complaining.

Blake 'does a Ross from 'Friends"

One of the most memorable moments of the entire show so far was this drunken (one can only assume this was caused by alcohol!) blunder by Blake, when he called Laurina, the woman he's been getting to know during the past couple of episodes, Lenora.

My favorite part is that he looks so damn smug and happy before this mistake. Like, "I got this". This is another great part though: the look of disdain on Laurina's face, and Tara, unable to hold back a smirk. TV gold!

Next week, there will be four episodes per week rather than two, and we see the arrival of American "The Bachelorette" contestants enter the villa and throw their hats in the ring.