Harry Anderson has died. The "Night Court" actor was found deceased in his North Carolina home. He was 65 years old. According to the police, foul play is not suspected. Fans flocked to Twitter to pay respect to the late actor, who left an indelible impression upon his many adoring fans. Actors and performers who worked with the star also paid tribute to the late, great Harry Anderson on social media.

Take him to the 'Night Court'

Anderson was best known for playing Harry Stone, a judge in New York's "Night Court." The show wasn't really about trying cases, though.

It was just about a bunch of professional jokesters fooling around. Compared to most legal shows -- "Law & Order" comes to mind -- the show took a much lighter tone, inviting audiences into a much more jovial setting each week. It quickly became one of the most popular shows on television.

The NBC show went on to run for nine seasons and nearly 200 episodes. Anderson never won an Emmy Award for his work on the show, but co-star John Larroquette won four in a row in the mid-1980s.

Still, the soft-hearted Judge Stone was the compass for the show. Without him, "Night Court" would've gone off the air almost immediately. Instead, "Night Court" became one of the most beloved shows of the decade, one people still talk about fondly now. Anderson was an essential part of that.

Anderson's other roles

While "Night Court" brought him his most fame and acclaim, that was just the tip of the iceberg of what Anderson contributed.

He made various appearances on "Saturday Night Live" and "Cheers" during the 1980s. After his best known role ended, he immediately began starring in his own show, "Dave's World." After that, he started to fade away from the world of television. He only made four television appearances this century, playing himself in three of them.

Anderson was also known as a magician, which his characters often demonstrated. He reportedly busked in the streets of San Francisco as a teenager. That passion led to a book and eventually a TV special with Criss Angel, considered one of the great magicians of the time.

He was a big fan of singer Mel Torme as well. It became a running joke on "Night Court," although it wasn't planned out that way. Anderson went on to eulogize at Torme's funeral in 1999.

Anderson was married twice and had two children. He leaves behind a legacy of comedy, magic, and performance that won't be forgotten.