On Monday afternoon in a court in New York City, disgraced lawyer Michael Cohen was ordered to reveal the name of a mystery client he gave legal advice to earlier this year. Once that name was revealed to be Sean Hannity, the Fox News host was forced to defend himself.

Hannity on deplorables

Ever since the Wall Street Journal broke the news that Michael Cohen paid adult film star Stormy Daniels $130,000 in "hush money" to keep quiet about her affair with Donald Trump, the story dominated the news cycle.

While the White House has repeatedly dismissed the allegations of the affair, deflecting any knowledge about the payoff, the FBI went on to raid Cohen's office last week which led to an appearance in court on Monday. After revealing that Sean Hannity was also one of his clients, the news became a headline and yet another twist in the soap opera-like scandal.

Despite his denial, Sean Hannity was forced to deal with his name being a lead story on cable news as he did his best to defend himself on his own program.

In a tweet sent out on April 17, Hannity gave a shout out to all his supporters. "I just want to say thank you to all my irredeemable deplorable friends on Twitter and elsewhere," Hannity tweeted. "The support you show me is overwhelming. You inspire me to fight hard every day," he wrote, before adding, "God bless you all. Sean." While those who support Hannity were pleased with his remarks, critics took the time to hit back.

Twitter revolts

Following Sean Hannity's tweet thanking his fans for standing by him during the Michael Cohen scandal, those who oppose the controversial Fox News host wasted no time having a little fun. "Most people are against you, not with you, grandpa," one tweet read.

"Do you really consider people on Twitter your friends?

Sad," a Twitter user wrote. "Sometimes I feel bad about my life, and then I realize I could be Sean Hannity and I suddenly have an overwhelming amount of gratitude come over me," another tweet added. "Republicans: big fans of integrity right up until it applies to them. Just imagine how much Sean Hannity would've freaked out if someone like Rachel Maddow was in this position during the Obama administration," an additional tweet pointed out.

"What exactly are you fighting for or against?

Your shows are pure infotainment drivel. You have no cause. Assuming you have half a brain even you cannot believe most of what comes out of your mouth," a social media user wrote. "The only true thing you said was deplorable. All fox and fools are complicit in any corruption. Not a client- no confidentiality. Get ready Insanity. The truth will come out," a follow-up tweet read.