With LaVar being the head of the Ball family, he is the star of the show, which makes him the main character. In this episode, he wasn't the main focus of the show. With the all-star game taking place in both the NBA and LKL, the boys got a break and did what they wished.

From Hollywood to South Beach

With the NBA on break for all-star weekend, Zo took a little trip to Miami with his manager DMO, his bodyguard Nic, and friend KP. With a child on the way, Zo talks about how he's excited and looking forward to having a child.

Back when Zo was in Toronto, he made a bet with DMO and the winner would get $1000.

The bet was that DMO would have to get down to 205 lbs by the time they got to Miami. At the height of 6'3, DMO says he's usually at around 218 lbs. When he weighed himself, the scale read 209 lbs, making Zo the winner of the bet.

Lonzo Ball is a very popular person. He has 4.6 million followers on Instagram and he's one of the most well known players in the NBA. With him and his crew heading for the beach, he was surrounded by tons of people who were chanting his name.

One of Lonzo's other talents is music, as he likes to rap. He even has an album that he put out on iTunes. While at a recording studio, Lonzo reveals that he's having a daughter, which we learn through a rap.

No parents, no problem

While Zo was on his break because of the all-star game, Melo and Gelo were also on break as the all-star game took place in Lithuania in the LKL. Gelo explained how Melo was supposed to be in the three-point contest, but LaVar pulled him out due to the disagreements he was having with the head coach of their team.

Gelo also explains he's not sure if they're going to be in Lithuania much longer because of the disagreements LaVar and the coach are having.

With LaVar back home, the boys are off on their own with their uncle and family friend Horace. Gelo seems to be handling things responsibly with LaVar not there, but it doesn't seem like Melo is.

Gelo says that Melo is up playing video games until 3:00 a.m., which makes him exhausted during the day.

Father to father to be

With the all-star break over, Zo comes home and hosts his parents for dinner with his girlfriend Denise. Zo explains to his father that he also got tattoos. He got one on his left wrist that says "Motivated by Jesus dedicated to the game" and he also has one on his right wrist that says "Born to Ball because of him" which is in reference to his dad. The reason why he got tattoos was because he had those sayings on wrist bands but they kept ripping apart and to also show support for Gelo.

LaVar decides to have a talk with them about being parents. He explains to them that having a child comes with sacrifices, and that because they have a child, they have to give things up that they used to do.

He tells them that they need to grow up quickly because they're young and that they have to do things that are best for the kid instead of what's best for them.

With all that being said, LaVar and Tina both agree that Zo will be a great father and Tina says that she's ready to be a grandma.

Next episode

After all the "Ball in the Family" episodes, they show a preview of what's going to be in the next episode. In episode 22, which will be next Sunday on Facebook Watch, LaVar returns to Lithuania. When he goes to visit Melo in his room, he finds a mess. People in Lithuania who are fans of LaVar get a tattoo of LaVar's face on their stomach, and back in LA, Denise gets an ultrasound.