It was just last week when Fox News host Sean Hannity was revealed as a mystery client of Michael Cohen. In reporting the news, Hannity wasn't pleased with how NBC's Chuck Todd handled the story and took a cheap shot at him and his wife.

Hannity on Chuck Todd

It's no secret that the majority of the hosts on Fox News have been in support of Donald Trump, with the network continuing to cater to viewers with political opinions on the right of the political spectrum.

While most on the network have stood by the president, no one has been a bigger cheerleader that host Sean Hannity. When the news broke earlier this month that the FBI had raided the offices of Trump's personal lawyer Michael Cohen in regards to his "hush money" payout to adult film star Stormy Daniels, Hannity was quick to rip into the decision. Fast forward just days later and Cohen told a judge that Hannity was one of his clients, creating conflict for the Fox News host.

Once the story made the rounds, other networks covered the headline as expected, including "Meet the Press" host Chuck Todd.

In response, Sean Hannity's website ran a critical article of Todd, labeling him a "hypocrite" for not disclosing that his wife was a Democratic strategist. During a radio interview on Friday, Todd hit back at Hannity for the "ridiculious" cheap shot and "personal attack," stating, "He's bringing my wife into this!"

In a tweet sent out on April 20, Sean Hannity decided to respond.

"Crybaby Chuck Todd is a total hypocrite," Hannity tweeted, before adding, "Only conservatives have to disclose relationships?" Just hours later, Hannity returned to Twitter to once again refer to Todd as a "crybaby."

Twitter responds

Following his tweets against Chuck Todd, Sean Hannity was met with criticism. "It’s fun watching client #3 squirm," one tweet read.

"So you admit you should have disclosed yours!" a Twitter user wrote. "You know Sean, Ted Koppel was right about you. You're very bad for America," another tweet stated. "So now you're doing the name calling. Such a professional. Conservatives do outnumber Progressives with illicit affairs, you already knew that though," an additional tweet noted.

"The fact that you can't discern the difference proves you are the dumbest anchor.

That aside though, I thought you guys were big on personal responsibility. Why can't you say 'I was wrong?' Why is your defense always, 'but they did this they're more guilty than me?' Sad," a social media user wrote. "What his wife does has nothing to do with his work, as yours has nothing to do with YOUR HYPOCRISY... It's YOUR ACTIONS ALONE that make you a HYPOCRITE," a follow-up tweet read.