The Democratic National Committee (DNC) is taking the next steps in responding to the reported election meddling by Russia. In a lawsuit filed on Friday, the DNC is suing the Donald Trump campaign, the Russian government, and Wikileaks.

DNC's lawsuit

After Donald Trump pulled off his shocking upset win over Hillary Clinton in the 2016 presidential election, many wondered how all the experts got their predictions wrong.

In the weeks that followed, several well-respected news outlets and government agencies concluded that not only did Russia hack into the election, but that they did so with the goal of helping to elect Trump in the process. Since then, Trump and his administration have denied any wrongdoing, often repeating the phrase "no collusion" and calling the current Russian investigation led by special counsel Robert Mueller a "witch hunt."

While Donald Trump continues to claim that he never worked with Russia in their reported hacking in 2016, the Democratic National Committee thinks otherwise.

According to The Hill on April 20, the DNC has filed a multi-million dollar lawsuit against Trump, the Russian government and Wikileaks for their role in the alleged hacking and conspiracy. First reported by the Washington Post on Friday, the DNC filed the lawsuit in a Manhattan court and is accusing the Trump campaign of working with Russia in an attempt to illegally damage former Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton and her chances of becoming president.

In a statement by Democratic National Committee Chair Tom Perez, "Russia launched an all-out assault on our democracy, and it found a willing and active partner in Donald Trump’s campaign." Perez continued, labeling Trump's alleged collusion with the Kremlin to be an "act of unprecedented treachery." As of press time, neither the Trump campaign, Russian government, nor WikiLeaks have responded to the lawsuit in question.

Next up

With the DNC now filing their lawsuit, Donald Trump is facing yet another headache as president. In recent weeks, the president has been forced to deal with the ongoing Russian investigation, the fallout from former FBI Director James Comey's new book, the Story Daniels scandal and raid of Michael Cohen's office, in addition to domestic and foreign policy issues. With an approval rating hovering around just 40 percent, only time will tell what Trump does moving forward.