The trailer for the brand new "Halloween" film has arrived, and from the first reactions, it appears to be leaving fans clamoring for more! When the original "Halloween" movie was released back in 1978, no one would have dreamed how it would grow into legendary status. From all of the early reports surfacing on the net, it seems that fans are just as excited for the new “Halloween” reboot.

Original star introduces the new trailer

Jamie Lee Curtis has spent the last 40 years running a from Michael Myers, and by the looks of things, she is still on the go.

According to a report, Curtis was on-hand during Universal’s CinemaCon session yesterday evening to introduce the first-look trailer for the upcoming "Halloween" sequel. When she was first asked to be in the reboot of one of the most popular horror movies of all time she jumped in head first. “I heard what they were thinking and I immediately said yes,” she said. “First of all, except for Star Wars, I can’t think of another movie that the same actor playing the same character 40 years.”

Curtis will morph back into Laurie Strode, the character she played in the original blockbuster hit four decades ago. By early indications, Curtis will embrace her confrontation with masked serial killer Michael Myers for the final time - or so we think!

While not much was given away to the public during the trailer, we do know that even the first 30 seconds were reportedly freaking out the lucky fans who got to witness it first hand. Gizmodo reports that the trailer begins with a woman checking sound—“1, 2, 3, testing.” She and another man are making a documentary about a murderer about a man who escaped from a mental institution 40 years ago.

The masked man killed several people and was shot by his doctor. Sound familiar yet?

As this is all being explained, giving you the feeling you are watching a documentary, you are able to see the crew setting up, making it look and feel like you are listening to audio explaining the horrific situation from 1978. Later, Laurie Strode, played again by Jamie Lee Curtis, learns that a bus from the mental institution crashed and that Michael has escaped.

A few chilling moments later the original "Halloween" theme begins playing and once again the story is off and running.

Halfway to Halloween

Is it a coincidence that the new "Halloween" trailer was released right before the official holiday of Halfway to Halloween? If you haven't heard of this holiday, you must not be a true Halloween fan! While of course, it isn't a real holiday, but neither is National Wine Day or National Donut Day, yet we love to celebrate them! Halfway to Halloween is a reason for Halloween lovers to celebrate that we are just six months or so from Halloween! While most of us are dreaming of summer and don't want to think about fall, HWTH is a great excuse to blow off some steam and have some fun, especially for adults.

From small house parties, all the way to major celebrations at hotel-casinos, the Halfway to Halloween celebrations begin on Friday, April 27 and end, well whenever you want them to! Most people usually host their parties the final weekend of April, which is upon us now.