If you have been following the Kardashian family for a while now, you would know that they are usually in the news for both good and bad reasons. For example, the family had some negative press last week because Kim Kardashian West posted a Photoshopped picture on her Instagram and many fans were annoyed at her for this. Well, fans have now seemed to have forgiven Kim for the controversial image as they love the advice she has given her sister Khloe on becoming a mother -- if you didn’t know, Khloe is expecting a baby in the coming months.

What is this advice that Kim gave to her pregnant sister Khloe?

Now, Kim Kardashian West recently just sat down with ET's Keltie Knight and the two spoke about Khloe’s pregnancy and the advice that she has given Khloe about being a mother. First of all, Kim said that Khloe is “freaked out” about what she is going to expect as a new mother. Kim then began to elaborate on Khloe being nervous by saying: “You cannot tell her anything right now that's too sensitive because she's just so freaked out. So, I can't really get into the whole, like, nipples and breastfeeding thing.”

It is worth mentioning that Khloe’s fans have been very supportive of her online when it comes to the Kardashian’s pregnancy.

For instance, one fan commented online: “All in God’s timing. Enjoy motherhood because it’s such a precious and beautiful time.” The fan then continued with: “They grow so fast too. Congratulations to the parents to be ❤️.”

Khloe has no need to worry when it comes to motherhood. Not only will her family be there to help her out but her fans will give her all the support she needs to motivate her to be the great mother they all know she can be.

I have actually attached an Instagram picture below of a pregnant Khloe so you can see what everyone is talking about with your own eyes.

What is everybody else in the Kardashian family up to at the moment?

In case you didn’t know, the Kardashian family are very busy at the moment, as Khloe is not the only Kardashian welcoming a baby in 2018.

Khloe’s sister Kylie Jenner just welcomed her baby daughter Stormi not too long ago. As a side note, many fans were quite shocked that Kylie didn’t give her a name that began with the letter “K” like her and her other sisters such as Khloe and Kim.

Nonetheless, to keep up to date with everything regarding this very popular family, be sure to follow them on their social media accounts, and watch “Keeping Up with the Kardashians” as well.