If you have been following the Brown family for the past couple of years, you would know that they are no stranger to making headlines all over the news. Well, now the family are in the news because Kody Brown has just opened up about the possibility of adding another wife to his family. The Brown family already has four wives, with Robyn, Janelle, Christine, and Meri, so, by potentially adding another wife to the family, that would mean that there would be five wives in total.

What did Kody Brown say about the possibility of adding another wife to his already large family?

Now, Kody Brown recently opened up online about the idea of adding another wife to the family, and he had quite the shocking response to the idea. For instance, according to PopCulture.com, Kody announced that he would not be currently open to the idea of adding another wife to the Brown family. Kody said the following about adding another wife to the family: “You have to be very open to it, and we’re not in a place where we’re open to it. Because we have a very fulfilled and functional relationship right now.”

This came as a shock to many fans as it was recently reported by a source close to the family (Kendra Pollard-Parra) that Kody was thinking about adding another wife to the family, but if he did, Robyn would leave him.

This is what Pollard said to Life & Style about Kody adding a new wife to the family and Robyn being mad about it: “If he takes on new wives, she said she’ll leave. This isn’t what she signed up for.”

Well, it seems that this rumor has one hundred percent been squashed, as Kody himself has now come out and said that there are currently no plans to add another wife to the family.

What is everybody else in the Brown clan up to at the moment?

It is worth mentioning that the Brown clan are very busy at the current moment in time. For instance, their TLC family reality television series “Sister Wives” was just recently picked up for a brand new season. Not only are the Brown family busy filming for the brand new season of “Sister Wives," but Mariah -- who is one of Kody’s daughters -- recently announced that she got into her first choice in terms of graduate school.

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