It's been just over a week since the end of “Dragon Ball Super.” Still, that does not rule out almost daily interesting news coming out about the franchise. In fact, just a few days ago, a possible spoiler was announced that almost went unnoticed.

For those who are awaiting leaks about the animated series, they know perfectly well that video games like “Dragon ball heroes” or “Dragon Ball Xenoverse,” usually bring us one or another revelation on their platforms that happened in the original plot of the Series.

The clearest example is the one that ended up revealing for months that Goku and Freeza would be the last in the arena of the Power Tournament and that they would fight together against Jiren.

Taking into account that detail, it has recently been revealed that there is an apparent spoiler possibly of the same magnitude. But this time it comes out of the video game “Dragon Ball Xenoverse.”

Whis reveals the news

In the 'Xenoverse 2,' Whis makes a very interesting point. His words are the following: "It would also be prudent to remember that there could be someone much stronger than Jiren out there," and then he laughs the laughter that characterizes him, emphasizing that he continues to hide many things.

Basically, Whis gives the idea or intention that there are even more powerful beings that Jiren somewhere in the different 12 universes, or well, now probably 18 universes, remembering that the Android 17 asked for the return of all.

Who could that be?

This would certainly be considered an immense spoiler. The fact that there is someone more powerful than Jiren should be considered a real latent threat to anyone who is considered an enemy. Recall that momentarily Goku is unable to re-activate the selfish doctrine of self-will, which is why this level is inferior to Jiren.

Taking that into account, it leads us to wonder who could be the stronger warrior.

Some claim that this subject could be the villain who appears in the movieDragon Ball Super.” The film will tell a story after the Power Tournament and tackle previously unexplored issues, having to do with Freeza and the Saiyan race, and it'll be a story that will have a formidable opponent prepared for that moment.

It will be an extremely powerful subject, created of course by the Toriyama himself. Akira himself has faith that this opponent will be extremely strong as required in the life of Saiyan survival. Nevertheless, this is the impression we have, but nothing has been confirmed yet.