Ronnie Magro and Jen Harley welcomed a baby girl earlier this month but did the longtime reality star cheat on his girlfriend while filming "Jersey Shore: Family Vacation?" During last night's new episode of the reunion season, Magro was seen bringing home not one, but four women from a Miami nightclub, before venturing into his bedroom with one of those ladies — and locking the door behind them.

Although Paul "DJ Pauly D" Delvecchio attempted to find out what was happening between Magro and the mystery blonde, Magro said, "no thanks," when he knocked on the door.

From there, it seemed to be clear what was happening behind the closed door but, according to Deena Nicole Cortese, she's not sure that she actually cheated on Harley with the woman.

"From what I understand, [Ronnie Magro] didn't [cheat]," Deena Nicole Cortese told TooFab on April 19. "It's still up in the air. [Ronnie] says he didn't, so we really don't know exactly what happened, but he says he did not cheat," she explained.

Ronnie Magro told his 'Jersey Shore' co-stars that he didn't cheat

While Cortese seems to think that Magro did not cheat on Harley while she was pregnant, she admitted that none of the cast of the MTV series truly knows what went down once that door was shut. She then said that despite the lack of solid evidence against Magro, she would be quite upset if her own partner did the same thing and suspects Harley was "pissed" about the shocking footage.

"I think any woman would be [pissed], and I think [Ronnie Magro] knows that, too," she said.

Cortese went on to say that Magro had reportedly told Jen Harley about everything that happened during filming. That said, seeing something first-hand is a lot different from hearing an account.

Ronnie Magro is seen crying in a sneak peek at next week's 'Jersey Shore'

In a preview clip of next week's episode of "Jersey Shore: Family Vacation," Magro is seen sobbing as he calls himself a "d*ck" and proclaims that he must "tell Jen." "What the f*ck were you thinking?" Mike "The Situation" Sorrentino is heard saying and as Vinny Guadagnino points out that the mystery blonde was naked.

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