channing tatum and Jenna Dewan have officially split. The fan-favorite couple announced the shocking news via a social media statement on Monday night. The pair, who have been married for nine years and share one child together, daughter Everly, reveal that they are still the best of friends and that there are no hard feelings behind their decision to "separate as a couple."

Channing and Jenna announce their separation

According to Channing Tatum and Jenna Dewan's official announcement, the couple has split but still feel a deep love for one another.

As many fans know, the pair met and fell in love on the set of the movie "Step Up." The pair then saw each other through many years, projects, and ups and downs, including Tatum's "Magic Mike" fame. However, fans can't get over the fact that the seemingly perfect couple were not so perfect after all. So, what went wrong in the couple's marriage to lead to the shocking announcement of their split?

Divorce rumors have been swirling

As many fans of Channing Tatum and Jenna Dewan know, the couple has been dodging divorce rumors off and on for years. However, the latest batch of rumors about their split heated up in recent weeks and seemed to be based on truth.

In March 2018, Channing and Jenna were staying mostly quiet on the latest round of divorce rumors. Fans had noticed a severe lack of Tatum on Dewan's Instagram page. While the actress was busy posting photos from her daily life and her latest projects, many noticed that there were no family snaps featuring her husband, and the divorce rumors spiked to an all-time high.

Fans began to call out Jenna on Instagram saying that she was never with her husband and that she was going to the awards shows solo. They even flat out asked her if there was trouble in paradise with no response from Dewan.

What went wrong?

Meanwhile, Channing Tatum was also noticeably keeping Jenna Dewan off of his social media feed.

Some fans speculated that distance could be the culprit for the split, or that the two just simply fell in love too young and didn't mesh as a couple now that they are adults with stressful careers and a child to raise. However, fans may never know what really happened between Channing and Jenna as their joint statement claims that they will not be making any comments on their split going forward. Of course, many fans have already started to speculate about who Tatum may date next now that he's single for the first time in over a decade. The "Magic Mike" star could likely take his pick of many Hollywood starlets, and all eyes will be on the actor to see what he does now that he and his wife are no longer together.