"Days Of Our Lives" spoilers reveal that Lucas Horton (Bryan Dattillo) will finally be involved in a storyline in the near future. "DOOL" fans can expect to see Lucas go looking for love very soon. As many viewers will remember, Lucas has been dealing with a serious alcohol addiction and even went to rehab for his problem. Now that he is out of treatment and is sober again, he'll look to refresh his love life as well.

Another shot for Lucas?

The latest "Days of our Lives" spoilers and news claims that Lucas will soon go after Chloe Lane. Lucas has expressed interest in dating Chloe recently, but has yet to make a move, mostly because Chloe has seemingly been out of Salem for the past few weeks.

When Chloe returns to town, Lucas will get up the nerve to ask her out. As many viewers may remember, Chloe and Lucas have history. The couple were previously married to one another, but things ended badly for them and they eventually divorced. However, when Lucas was going through the worst parts of his alcohol addiction, Chloe was there by his side to encourage him to stop drinking and offer kind words of love and support. Although Lucas couldn't see it then, Chloe was one of the only people on his side during the darkest of days.

In addition to Lucas' drinking problem, he also had to deal with heartbreak. "Days of our Lives" viewers watched as Lucas' fiance, Adrienne Kiriakis, decided to call off their wedding and get back together with her ex-husband, Justin Kiriakis.

This hit Lucas so hard that his drinking spiraled out of control and no one could get through to him, not even his son Will Horton, who had only just recently been discovered alive after two years of being presumed dead. Lucas will seemingly be front and center in Salem again as he tries to persuade Chloe to go out on a date with him.

Its been a while since Lucas has had a notable storyline, and "DOOL" fans have become accustomed to seeing both he and Chloe very sporadically. However, if they get together, a romance plot could be in the works, and it looks to be that fans may see more of the couple in the upcoming episodes.

Chloe's messy love life

Meanwhile, Chloe Lane has also been very unlucky in love.

She has had many relationships with some of Salem's hottest guys such as Philip Kiriakis, Brady Black, Daniel Jonas, and Lucas Horton. However, none of them have ever seemed to stick. Perhaps giving Lucas a second chance could be just the thing she needs to get her love life back on track.

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