Courtland Rogers has been arrested again just days after the birth of his son. Courtland has a history of arrests so this one shouldn't really surprise anyone. However, the timing for this "Teen Mom" star couldn't be worse with the birth of his new child just 10 days ago.

Jenelle Evans' ex-husband was released from jail less than a month ago and already has found himself in trouble again. This time around, he was booked into the Brunswick County Jail on April 10 at around 11:19 am according to Radar Online. It didn't take long to process Courtland and post bail, which was set at $15,000.

Details on Courtland's arrest

He was charged with possession of a controlled substance and for being a habitual felon but that wasn't enough to keep him behind bars. Courtland reportedly posted bond and walked right out around an hour after he was brought in.

The clerk of court responded to a request from Radar Online, telling them, "We had a grand jury meeting and he was indicted on those new cases."

So it looks like Courtland may not have been busted for anything new. Instead, it looks like Brunswick County is going to formally charge him and make him go to trial on the original charges of possession of a controlled substance from back in November according to TMZ.

He was reportedly caught in possesssion of Buprenorphine-Naloxone with the intent to sell.

The last time Courtland Rogers was arrested prior to April 10, it was for a parole violation back on March 14. He was cited for being a habitual felon during that arrest too. As long as he continues this pattern of arrests, that extra charge will likely continue to be tacked on.

Unlike his most recent arrest, back in March, Courtland spent eight days in jail before he was freed.

Family first

The latest news of Courtland Rogers arrest means that the "Teen Mom" star will probably be spending some time in prison again. This is sad since is son Camryn is only 10 days old and Courtland really seemed happy to get his life back on track.

Prior to the birth of the little boy, Courtland claimed to be sober and done with drugs. He even posted how excited he was about his son back in December. Telling fans that he had been sober for two and a half years at that point, he claimed to be "focused on family."

Courtland Rogers and Jenelle Evans were married for less than two years and have no children together. We'd say she dodged a bullet getting away from him and moving on but is her current situation any better? Either way, Courtland's current legal situation is definitely the opposite of what he had planned. It's too bad he couldn't keep it together for the sake of his new son.