Starbucks customers who recently used the restroom in a particular store may find they've been violated by a peeping Tom via a camera. There are cameras everywhere today, but the one place you expect privacy, which is sitting on the toilet in a restroom, was recently invaded by a hidden camera as well.

According to Fox News, a customer went into the Starbucks' restroom and discovered a hidden camera. The camera was under the diaper changing station and basically concealed from obvious view.

Eagle-eyed customer

One eagle-eyed customer in this Atlanta suburb's Starbucks store noticed that camera and alerted the management.

They kicked the report up the ranks to Starbucks corporate office and the police were called in on this case.

The police, who now have the camera in their possession, report there are 25 videos stored on this device. They found 8 to 10 men and women on these videos captured in the act of using the facilities.

Honed-in on facilities

While the camera was honed in on the area where people used the toilet, police said it is of "poor quality." There were no private parts visible in the videos.

The device had about an hour's worth of activity in the restroom recorded, according to the detectives who had the task of looking through the evidence.

Police probe underway

So far police do not have any suspects in this case, but putting this camera in the restroom and taping people in the act of relieving themselves is considered a felony under the law. It falls under the crime of "eavesdropping," which is a felony in the state of Georgia.

Police have launched an investigation and hope to find whoever planted this camera at the base of a baby changing station in a Fulton County, Georgia Starbucks.

The device was taped to that changing station.

According to reports the customer who found that camera is 25-years-old. This is just one of the negative reports coming from Starbucks in the last week or so.

Starbucks could lose millions in revenue

A Philadelphia Starbucks was targeted with backlash after reports emerged that two black men were arrested for allegedly trespassing.

The corporate offices of Starbucks issued apologies over this incident, apologies that came along with one from the police commissioner of Philly himself.

According to Market Watch, Starbucks stands to lose millions of dollars in business when it closes all 8,000 locations on May 29 for part of the day to instruct their employees on incidents such as this one. "Racial bias training" will be conducted at all Starbucks locations that day.

This calculates into a lot of empty coffee cups

Market Watch calculated what Starbucks pulls in for annual sales and they've estimated that the coffee giant is looking at about $12 million in lost revenue when they close their doors for part of that day. Some say it is worth its weight in gold for advertising, so there may be a silver lining in this task after all.

Starbucks banks about $63 million every day, according to the media sites calculations. By closing for part of the afternoon on May 29, it appears they will lose about 20 percent of their daily revenue, which is about $12 million. That's a lot of coffee that is not getting served!