When someone is going to have a child, it brings them a new experience in life which they may or may not enjoy. The Ball family is set to expand as Denise and Zo (not married) are having a child that's due in July. Even though the baby isn't due until July, Denise and Zo have already chosen and revealed the name of the baby.

Returning to the cold

LaVar returned to Lithuania to be with his sons Gelo and Melo who are playing professional basketball down there. When he returns, he gives Gelo his signature shoe which is called the "G3Luxe." His blue and white shoe has a little sock part around the ankle which is something that Zo's and Melo's shoes don't have.

With LaVar being back in Lithuania, he does an interview with a Lithuanian TV channel called Delfi TV. Usually the people on air get water or coffee to drink. LaVar though got cookies and milk which is his favorite. When the news reporters ask him about his sons' team, he says that the team has to change the culture into a winning culture since the team is losing a lot of games.

Since LaVar and one of the players stated that the owner of BC Vytautas doesn't put much money into the team, LaVar spent $10,000 on a machine that retrieves basketballs from the net, passes basketballs and also keeps track of how many shots were made. LaVar said he bought it to help make the team better since the owner doesn't do anything to make the team better.

BBB International Tournament

LaVar organized another tournament sponsored by his company, Big Baller Brand. This tournament featured teams from different countries. Four teams participated in the tournament which were Melo and Gelo's team BC Vytautas from Lithuania, VEF Riga from Latvia, Wilki Morskie Szezecin from Poland and Helios Suns from Slovenia.

Before BC Vytautas played their first game of the tournament vs VEF Riga, the trainers were seen putting large band-aids on Melo's back -- as he has a back injury. With LaVar as the head coach, he did a very unusual thing -- he pulled his own sons out. Usually when he's coaching his kids, he leaves them in for the whole game.

He also decided to pull out the starting five and replace them with the bench. They were pulled out when they were up 61-39 but the bench allowed the opposing team to mount a comeback, and they ended up losing the game by eight points.

The next game against Wilki Morskie Szezecin, BC Vytautas is seen playing really bad as they were missing shots, not rebounding the ball and so on. They ended up losing the game 128-96 and LaVar goes off in the locker room after the game by telling them they're natural at losing and that they don't want to win.

When the crew of "Ball In The Family" ask Melo how his back is, he says it's like a 10 and it gets worse and worse. The last game against Helios Suns, LaVar decides to keep Melo inactive so he can rest his back.

During the game, the commentator said if they lose the third game, it would be a triple L instead of triple B for LaVar and the team. Indeed they did get a triple L as they lost this game 96-87 which gave them a record of zero wins and three losses for the tournament. Even though they lost this game, LaVar was happy with how they played as they played with more effort.

Wilki Morskie Szezecin from Poland ended up winning the BBB International Tournament.

Big Baller Baby

Back in LA, Denise gets an ultrasound with Zo, Tina, Noni and DMO present. While Denise undergoes an ultrasound, Lonzo tells his mom that the baby will have her name, Tina, as her middle name. He also reveals that they will be naming her Zoey which would make her full name Zoey Tina Ball.

All tatted up

With LaVar in Lithuania, he has brought a lot of attention to the entire country. Lots of Lithuanians were really happy about that and two people decided to show that in a really unique way. The Macius twins decided to get a tattoo of LaVar's face on their stomachs. They said the reason why they made this decision was because LaVar would do anything for his sons just like their dad did anything for them.

On the twins' bodies, they have tattoos of people that are important to them as well as basketball players. The finished product had a tattoo of LaVar's face with "Welcome to Lithuania" underneath it.

Next episode

After all the "Ball in the Family" episodes, they show a preview of what's going to be in the next episode.

In episode 23, which will air next Sunday on Facebook Watch, LaVar, Melo, Gelo and LaValle (LaVar's brother) go to Barcelona for a vacation and are seen at an amusement park on a roller coaster and driving bumper cars. Denise spends more time with Zo's family and Tina is seen walking without a cane. The whole episode will air next Sunday on Facebook Watch.