The Big Baller Brand, founded by superstar parent Lavar Ball, has faced a fair amount of criticism as it has embarked on becoming the next big athletic brand. To this point, the only NBA player under the BBB umbrella was Lavar's oldest son, and point guard of the Los Angeles Lakers, Lonzo.

That is about to change as the brand is in talks to sign its first non family member. New Orleans Pelicans guard Jordan Crawford, who has already been wearing the brand unofficially, is likely to sign on as a player representative as the season winds down.

While not yet officially a Big Baller Brand athlete, Crawford will be wearing the brand's sneakers, among other apparel, throughout the playoffs.

After the season is over, Crawford is expected to sign a deal that will also allow him to continue pursuing his own personal brand endeavors.

BBB's first true athlete

Though Lonzo Ball is still the brand's top player, adding someone like Crawford is very valuable. Crawford has played for five teams in his six year career, Boston, Atlanta, Golden State, Washington and New Orleans. Though considered a journeyman by that resume, Crawford has been a very effective player throughout his career.

His interest in BBB before even being a branded athlete likely played a role as well. Wanting to capitalize on the growing popularity of the Ball family, it is smart to have their first non family member athlete be someone who is as passionate about the brand as they are.

Though New Orleans isn't expected to go far in the playoffs, the added exposure of at least several nationally televised playoff games makes this the perfect time to strike.

What's next for BBB?

The upcoming NBA draft this summer will feature the second Ball family member, LiAngelo. Feature might be the wrong word to use since, while arguably the most popular player in the draft, there is little chance that he will actually get drafted.

Should LiAngelo find a home in the NBA, the BBB will have three athletes in the pros.

Crawford's deal will be worth watching. Depending on how it plays out, this will determine if other players follow in his footsteps. Allowing Crawford the freedom to also pursue his own personal brand interests is an important factor. Traditional brands like Nike and Under Armour are much more strict with their branded athletes. This variable could make being a BBB player much more valuable to journeymen players like Crawford.