"The Bachelor" star, Dean Unglert, who ironically has an iHeartradio podcast titled “Help! I Suck at Dating with Dean Unglert,” spilt with his girlfriend (another "Bachelor" star), Lesley Murphy, just last week. The two stars met during filming "Bachelor Winter Games" together and left the show as a couple. There were even several rumors that the two got engaged at the end of the show as many television previews showed him down on one knee. However, it turned out Unglert was not giving Murphy a ring, but instead a key to his house.

This was still a very serious gesture from a guy who was a known player during his run on "Bachelor in Paradise."

Their love was short-lived

But Murphy seemed to change Unglert’s ways as the two seemed very loving on camera. Also, after the show, the two were spotted traveling together and posting frequency of each other on social media. But despite their hopeful beginning, their romantic story was cut short since the two have called it quits after just four months of dating. According to E! News, a friend asked Unglert on his podcast "What's the one thing that you want out of a relationship going in?"

Open and honest

Unglert responded very honestly saying, "The one thing I want is just to know I feel loved back.

I want to feel loved… I got the one thing that I wanted but it still didn't end up working out, which is one of the worst things to come to the realization of." He continued on to say "I've been meditating more and I'm going to start going to therapy this week." He also admitted to some family dynamic issues from his past and his parents never getting along may contribute to the way he handles relationships now.

E! News also reported that he said he "needs to come to terms with a lot of the issues" so that he can look himself in the mirror.

Murphy also recently spoke out about their split via Instagram writing "Despite how open and loving you attempt to be, people can only meet you as deeply as they've met themselves." A source close to the reality star reported that the two broke up due to distance issues.

Shocked by their spilt

Fans of the couple weren’t the only ones shocked by their sudden spilt, though. E! News reports that even Unglert’s ex, "Bachelorette" star Rachel Lindsay, was surprised by the news saying “I actually thought they were a really good match for each other. I thought that they had a lot of the same interests—like personalities that meshed really well together—and I thought they were going to work out."