The latest updates and spoilers for "Avengers: Infinity War" reveals the backstory of the Mad Titan and the film's main antagonist, Thanos. The sequel's directors, Anthony and Joe Russo, told Telegraph India about Thanos's motivation for collecting the six Infinity Stones and why he is willing to go to war with Earth's Mightiest Heroes to accomplish his mission.

The Avengers must reassemble to combat Thanos's army and his children, The Black Order. They will also need the help of other Marvel heroes such as the Guardians of the Galaxy, Spider-Man, Doctor Stephen Strange, and Black Panther.

The Russo brothers are also campaigning for a new film based on the "Secret Wars" storyline.

Thanos's mission

In the main Marvel comics, Thanos's motivation for collecting the Infinity Stones is to impress his lover, Mistress Death. With the help of the stones, he can wipe out an entire universe with a snap of his fingers, causing destruction and death all around him. However, the film's version of the Mad Titan has other plans for the stones in "Infinity War." According to the Russo brothers, Thanos wanted to collect the stones to prevent a catastrophic event that destroyed his homeworld of Titan. He wanted to wipe out a large population of the planet in order to save its resources and maintain balance.

The citizens of Titan did not agree with Thanos's plan and exiled him from his home until it destroyed itself. He took it upon himself to wipe out a large population of species from planet to planet in order to satisfy his twisted vision of balance. In order to ensure his grand designs, Thanos will need the Infinity Stones and they are more than capable of wiping out an entire civilization.

He targets earth for the Time and Mind stones as he already gained possession of the Space, Power, Reality, and possibly the Soul stones. The Avengers will do everything within their power to prevent Thanos from completing the stones as their war will wage from Wakanda to the ruined planet of Titan. Steve Rogers and Tony Stark must also set aside their differences, and work as a team to save the world.

Next Marvel project teased?

It seems that the Russo brothers are teasing a new film project for the Marvel Cinematic Universe as they told Lintern@ue that they are hoping that Disney dealings with Fox will go through and that they will have enough characters to use for the film, teasing it to be their version of the popular comic book storyline, "Secret Wars."

There are two versions of "Secret Wars" in the Marvel comics. The first one pits the heroes against the villains for the experiment and amusement of the Beyonder. The second version featured several alternate worlds from the Marvel Universe to form Battleworld and it is created by Doctor Doom.

With Disney having dealings with Fox, it will not be long for comic book fans to see the X-Men and Fantastic Four joining the MCU.