Incredible news has been revealed in the last few hours -- new information about the next "Dragon Ball Super" movie titled “The Origins of the Saiyans." This information is official, and, best of all is that it brings images and news about the new villain -- of which not much is known.

Official images

The first image that was revealed is this advertising poster in which we can see a silhouette next to some words with information from the same Movie.

The silhouette corresponds to the antagonist of the movie, and, thanks to this image, we can confirm it is a purebred Saiyan since we can see a tail.

There has been much speculation about this villain, but thanks to this image it’s 100 percent confirmed that it is a Saiyan. However, we don’t have official information about his origin, but some believe that it could be Yamoshi, in other words, the first Super Saiyan. It should be made clear that this is just a theory at this point, and that nothing has been officially confirmed.

New designs added

The second image revealed is similar to the first poster of the movie, only this time Goku is on top of a mountain of ice.

Everything seems to indicate that the battle will take place in this inhospitable place where the temperature seems to be very low. However, the plot of the movie will likely tell us many details about the ancestral origin of the Saiyans since the plot seems to suggest this.

Another interesting fact that was revealed is that the first advertising poster mentions that the movie takes place after the Tournament of Power and, besides this, we will learn more about the strange relationship between Son Goku and Frieza after the latter came back to life.

We don’t know what this means, but we believe that Frieza (indirectly) will join the Z Warriors in this fight. He may be the first to fight against this new villain and be defeated, although this is not certain.

What is certain, since it has been mentioned, is that Frieza will appear in the movie. Otherwise, it would be absurd to mention it on the advertising poster.

If this is the case, Frieza will have a prominent role alongside Goku and his friends.

So far this has been the latest news about the "Dragon Ball" world. If there is more news about this, we will be communicating it as soon as possible.

The film "The Origins of the Saiyans" will be released on December 14 this year, and it will pick up with Goku and his friends after the Tournament of Power.